1. You can shift in any point of time aslong you believe in yourself... This sub is SUPER strict and can sometimes remove your post because of issues that aren't even related to you. It's a bit dumb, imo

  2. Fine dark sociopathic victorian men who can still be gentlemen, i guess

  3. Wait until ACOSF. Also, all they do is have sex and you'll see what Rhys is truly, horribly like in there.

  4. Rhys and feyre have lost the oomph factor and it kinda makes sense cause their storyline is satiated They have gotten too sappy and predictable i think And kinda irritating at times too.

  5. I asked two questions and got short and simple responses, straight to the point which I like. Though they did take a while to respond, so patience is key but it's worth it! Overall good experience and will come back:)

  6. Hey all! After one hour of straight calling, being ignored, hung up on, and waiting for transfers, the post has been reported to the FBI, and theyre taking action as I speak. For more information on the event, I will answer all questions in this comment thread, as well as update the situation.

  7. havent gotten a call back since i gave them every piece of information i had, so its safe to assume theyre either done with the case or theyre still working on it

  8. Not sure if you answered this already but how did you tell them about the post? (like what'd you say)

  9. ok now thats a shock because she likes someone else but👀👉👈

  10. If this isn't closed, what are some traits T likes about me if any?

  11. Lose some weight and get a shirt that isnt so high in the neckline.

  12. Looks the same as my favorite shade, Flaunt It, I wear this almost every day

  13. Lol definitely not that one🥲 this looks like oke of the nude brown ones

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