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Fifa and Qatar in urgent talks after Wales rainbow hats confiscated | Fifa and the Qataris were in talks on the matter on Tuesday, where Fifa reminded their hosts of their assurances before the tournament that everyone was welcome and rainbow flags would be allowed.

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  1. It's literally just the alcohol helping him lift without overthinking it

  2. Bunker kings packs for $54. Had a 30% off coupon and it wouldn't let me stack it when I went through chrome but did let me use when I went through through bunkerkings link in this thread.

  3. I usually depress the pin using a corner of my work bench (line pin up on point of corner, then lean into back of bottle with body weight). Truck hitch or bench vise with soft jaws or something to go between the metal jaws/reg works fine for removal. Just line it up so that when you turn the bottle to unscrew it, pressure is being placed on the nipple/burst disk and not the gauge. Fill nipple is thick enough to not get damaged/shear off but gauges run that risk.

  4. It’s a lot of physical contact with her basically riding a vibrator. 👎

  5. As someone with a vagina....kinda is. The vibration of the seat rubs down there. I usually just get really numb but I've heard other women say its pleasurable

  6. Oh I’m aware it CAN be, spouse and I ride and the topic has come up with our other female friends while at the track. Most I’ve talked to described it the way you did, some said it was pleasurable. Just the way the person I responded to is describing it seems to imply that every woman that rides on a bike is getting off lol, and wanted to correct that.

  7. Pretty much all the states that border Mexico have their own version of mex, and it’s all pretty good imo

  8. That's non wiped up rosin still in fresh press we don't ever sell that endless its in HighgradeHash jars

  9. I think he means a slab of jars. Like how you have the 30ish jars vac sealed into packs in your vid

  10. Working in a lab is pretty stable work, though you’ll likely need a BS in a scientific field. Doesn’t take many years of experience to get to $25ish an hr. I worked as a tech for about 5 years before moving into a scientist level role a few years ago which has a lot better work life balance.

  11. Are they photoperiods? If so then probably, there’s shoots forming at the nodes if I’m seeing correctly.

  12. Oh my God, I'm a counselor and was told that I would be put into the rotation to hold the on call phone for the weekend. I asked how much my stipend would be and was told I was being unreasonable... but they sure did never ask me to take the phone.

  13. Kinda nuts, so they were literally just suckering people into free work.

  14. Geo 4 but that’s only because I don’t like the cs1 grip angle. Same marker, functionally so whichever feels better in the hands/on the wallet

  15. Yeah but I’m not tryna eventually marry my landlord.. would you not be a little bit butthurt if you paid into a house thinking it would probably eventually become the marital home only for the relationship to end? It’s different when you have a lease agreement and you know from the start you’re never gonna own a piece of that equity. If I was in the BF position I wouldn’t feel right about taking money and not putting her on the title.

  16. That’s kinda irrelevant imo since it’s an objective evaluation of finances. I can’t think of many cohabitation situations where it’s not standard to split the “cost” of the domicile evenly. Whether that’s two roommates or a couple looking to rent a place you’d generally split the cost down the middle unless it was a roommate situation where one room is a big master and the other is a standard.

  17. I’m a total noob so part of my confusion is bc I wouldn’t know what to do even in my own situation yet. Obviously I wouldn’t want to be on the title of his paid off house without contributing at all, but wish there was a way to just get back what I put in instead of splitting 50/50 if breaking up were to occur. I’m sure that’s what prenups and shit are for too. Never want to take advantage but don’t wanna be left in the dust not able to find an apartment I could afford basically

  18. You have to separate emotions and think about it in an objective way. Let’s pretend she pays half the mortgage (a price that will likely be less than half the rent on a similar house and certainly much less than renting an apartment) for 5 years and they break up. Is she in a better or worse situation than if she rented for 5 years? Likely she would be in a better one.

  19. Truth. If it’s out of principle you don’t DD at all, you go get it yourself lol.

  20. I did track only from 2018-2020 since my bikes and truck were stolen when we moved. At that time I was going for a race weekend every month (fri,sat,sun riding) I found the cobwebs came off after session 2 or 3 on Friday, honestly wouldn’t worry about it if you’ll be going regularly.

  21. I use an e rig (switch). Didn’t like the torch and banger process when I grabbed one after having my kandy pens sessions both go down.

  22. Is it really that surprising that a bunch of rich slavers don’t stick to their word?

  23. One of our guys brought his girlfriend out to watch. She was a cheerleader jn college and at lunch told us all that we were all yelling wrong. Within 10 minutes of her coaching, our communication got so much better. Projecting, not yelling, is key.

  24. What did she have you guys change to project better?

  25. Not op, or op's girlfriend, but in general:

  26. On your own land? Potentially. Though I have a friend that lives in a manufactured home and he gets killed on cooling and heating costs. My house is slightly bigger than his with vaulted ceilings and I pay like 40% less than him on heating and cooling costs here in arizona.

  27. Why is there a discrepancy between this post and the info on the apply here link?

  28. ma’am he just found out he is potentially dying. I think him being allowed a bit of time to process it (and he only took a day) before telling you is fair and reasonable.

  29. If he comes into money you will get it though so don’t lose all hope. Experienced the same thing when someone stole my truck and two motorcycles in 2018, restitution for $7k was ordered (everything not covered by my ins) and I got $20 a month or bi monthly for like 2+ years. Then suddenly checks in the $600-800 range until it was paid off in full.

  30. I thought vegan was literally just a dietary classification like vegetarian, til

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