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  1. Congrats on the win! I was gonna suggest using Radahn's Lion Greatbow if you die. I first tried Fortissax at RL1 when I was just testing the bow out. It's surprisingly effective against Fortissax.

  2. Thanks, I honestly need suggestions like this that will make my life easier. Because for some reason, when i fight a boss, i'm refusing to look on youtube and doing my ways. And honestly this sometimes work, for instance with the Margit's Shackle, i found a way to skip the 1st phase entirely. And some more tries later, i figured out that you can do even more damage before 2nd phase starts.

  3. Yeah you still did amazing regardless, you'll get it. Doing something I'd easily give up on.

  4. Thanks, I'm doing all remembrances so there's bosses like Malenia and Mohg that i'm hoping i don't give up. This boss was the 7th remembrance boss that i beat and it was the longest time that i stuck on a boss which was 1 hour 44 minutes. But i'm expecting bosses like Malenia to take days.

  5. I think you meant "that time of the month" because there is a new Bloodborne rumor every month lmao.

  6. I killed all of the sharks in my recent playthrough. (Duo included) And they're really not that hard once you go full aggressive with them. I was infusing my weapon with fire and just spamming R1 all day and when they finish their long-ass wind up to attack you, just dash and keep spamming R1. Also don't forget that you can parry them. I was doing 2100 damage in one visceral with my Beasthunter Saif. But that charge attack of theirs when you get far away is utterly bullshit, i don't have any tips for that because they always seems to catch you.

  7. Also remember that the 3d space is just the way the humans try to understand a world grater that they. Upper and lower layer is just the way we understend how a human travels in the nightmare, becouse we haven't words that can describes that kind of movement.

  8. Yeah i get it it's like HP Lovecraft's perspective of ''there is just somethings that we humans can't comprehend with our minds''

  9. Nightmares are layered on top of each other. In the Hunter’s Nightmare as you go to get the whirligig saw, one of the slug women fall from the sky from the Fishing Hamlet and if you look into the water of the Fishing Hamlet you can see the buildings of the Hunter’s Nightmare below. Right at the beginning of the Nightmare Frontier if you look up at the mountains you can see the Nightmare of Mensis too.

  10. Wow that slug woman always made me curious, i was always like ''where the hell is she came from'' lmao. This makes so much sense now.

  11. Yeah parrying changes this fight's difficulty drastically unfortunately. It was really fun fighting her without parrying. I still got her first try but because i didn't take %10 of her health in one attack, it was a longer fight and more fun.

  12. I was trash at parrying her, it was much easier for me when I quit trying and instead went max aggression and just didn’t give her any space

  13. Yeah max agression helps a lot in this game. It's the only reason that i got bosses like orphan in first try. Even the blood tank bosses like Laurence gets melted in a minute with aggressive play style.

  14. People who start with bloodborne or sekiro often have easier times with those games if they’re their first. There are so many habits you pick up in the “main line” dark souls games that don’t translate to bb or sekiro.

  15. I started Bloodborne after finishing all of the Dark Souls games and i still had a really easy time playing it. The most boss i died to was Amelia and that was 5th try or something. I think you're partially right tho, habits from other games can make your experience more difficult.

  16. I remember once the one in Forbidden Woods got bugged and kept shooting even after I stepped away lol

  17. Just happened to me a few days ago lmao.

  18. Laurence the First Vicar is a beautifully orchestrated piece of music.

  19. Literally my favorite OST in the whole series besides The First Hunter, Ludwig and Abyss Watchers.

  20. I tried absolutely everything on this problem and literally none of them worked until i saw your comment. Thank you so much! I was about to give up.

  21. I've been thinking the same thing lmao. It had 7 or so upvotes when i first posted it. But then it got bombarded with downvotes but i really don't know why.

  22. If there’s one thing I learned from good old bloodborne, it’s that a man can dream lol. (And don’t drink the old blood)

  23. At first I wrote every weapon as a inferiorgimmick weapon because in my mind kirk hammer was the optimal and most versatile weapon of them all. Everything can be applied to it and it can be both a bladed and a blunt weapon why would you use anything else. Then, as a joke i tried to beat the entire game with, what i thought was, the shittiest weapon in the game aka parry master weapon. It never left my side since then

  24. Lmao that's actually a really similar story to mine. But for me the best weapon (the weapon that caused to ask myself why would I use anything else) was Saw Spear. But then i found Reiterpallasch today while wandering Cainhurst Castle. And i saw that it's actually compatible with my build so i was like why not it'll be my secondary weapon. After that, i didn't even equip Saw Spear again lmao.

  25. Ludwigs blade is a tad bit too slow for me in both modes so i never really use it but i always pick it up since its a fromsoft weapon and all. Kirk hammer is a VERY good weapon, the sword hits fast enough to be efficient and strong enough to feel impactful while the hammer is (relative to its own size) surprisingly fast and every hit feels like you broke one of the mosnters bones. I think out of all the weapons kirk hammer has the best feel to it and its the most satisfying to use even tho its not the most fun weapon to use

  26. One of the reasons that i love Saw Spear is because it feels so satisfying to use on beasts. Amelia, One Reborn, Cleric Beast. Hitting all of them feels so good with any of the serrated weapons. So with what you said, I'm really interested in using the hammer. I'll be sure to go with STR in my next playthrough.

  27. The fact that i got this boss first try in my very first playthrough is crazy. I just played really really aggressively with my trustworthy Saw Spear and i beat all DLC bosses first try except Lady Maria (that was second try). And I was kinda over leveled too because i did all chalices before the DLC.

  28. As someone who just passed 18 couple of months ago, these kinds of posts are diminishing my faith on marriage. But i always wanna believe that in these kinds of situations, the fault isn't the marriage but the person you married.

  29. “Stop using him for financial stuff” you pulled that right out of your ass, didn’t you? I’m currently making more money than him. I have never needed anyone else to help support me financially in this life since graduating from college.

  30. When you said "things going well financially" i thought you aren't getting divorced because of the financial stuff. And me assuming wrong doesn't changes the point. My point was whatever stopping you getting divorced, i think you should get over it.

  31. Without fear in our hearts, we're little different from the beasts themselves.

  32. Yeah i think all the bosses you can kill with critical attack has a unique death animation when you kill them with criticals

  33. So fast that i can't see her moving lmao that's make sense

  34. nevermind him, what’s your vigor at? 😭😭

  35. My vigor is around 60, which is 1900 HP. But with the Morgott's Great Rune, it becomes 2458. But I'm not using Great Runes that much tbh. I like to use them in boss fights mostly.

  36. OH. yeah i didnt notice the great rune, oops. i saw the health bar and i was like ????? didn’t realize it could get that huge.

  37. It kinda stops after 60. But without the great rune, most of the end game bosses can one-shot you. For instance Malenia's grab attack and 2nd phase AOE attack one-shots me even if i have full health.

  38. u just completed her quest. her item gives u one of the endings i believe. ds brother killed her cause she gave u the dagger to give to his brother which ultimately led to his death.

  39. Yeah that's right i remember that dagger part. And i gave D's armor to his brother in the city. And i kinda guessed that item could be used for one of the endings tbh. Do i need to do something to get that ending tho? That two fingers lady was mentioning burning the erdtree or something but I don't want that actually.

  40. that’s part of the every ending. u have to burn it. although i’m not sure about that certain ending cause i got the age of stars ending which is the best imo.

  41. Okay i get it thanks. I always like to finish Soulsborne games with their standard endings in first playthrough (link the flame ending in Dark Souls for example) looks like that won't be the case for Elden Ring.

  42. Yes I have all the guns including Rosmarinus. I think there are 11 LH weapons and I have 10. The only thing missing is torch. But weird thing is i got the torch, it was in my inventory in the exact same playthrough. So, the trophy should be pop-up.

  43. I have all the guns but looks like torch is considered as weapon and I don't have it because I sold it. I think that's the problem here.

  44. May I ask why put the O and S theme in the background?

  45. Original audio was a little squeaky, so i removed it and added O&S music lol.

  46. So with me the same thing happened at the end what happened with you but it was my second last hit then he did his weird aoe balls of fire then I rolled through a ball backsteped and the roll attack finish

  47. Same aoe thing happened to me in Blue Smelter Demon. He was doing his aoe attack (his health bar was completely empty) I hit him and he died but aoe blast killed me and boss kill didn't count lol.

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