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  1. Pro Vet stuff on Reddit really brings out the absolute dickless in society.

  2. Vet here. I hate this shit. I did a job that I signed up for. BFD

  3. There's usually cops sleeping in their cars by the monument. Should have had one go over and address the situation.

  4. CI with a 4oz glass job and some voodoo techno carbon fiber BS. $800 down the drain

  5. The water in CR is fine. It might be better than a large number of cities in the United States.

  6. If Han and Padme are there, there's no reason for Rey not to be.

  7. Identity theft is a crime. Rey is not on the Skywalker Family Tree.

  8. Its true one of them represents Georgia in the House of Representatives.

  9. Buy a Sprinter and start Vlog about your bitchin surf life..

  10. Your.. GRANDPA'S? ... damn, I feel old now. This was my first computer and it was brandnew back then ;_;

  11. Same here. My parents got me one for Christmas. That C64 paved the way for a 30-year tech career.

  12. Have a dinner party for your co-workers and don't invite her..

  13. I wish I can surf like that - nice 👍 What state is this?

  14. The Senate kills Rey, takes over Ben Swolo's body, and does unspeakable things to her corpse. That's a take..

  15. Pro tip. Stop filling your garage with crap and park in it.

  16. The Fish tacos at El Patio de Cafe Milagro in Manuel Antonio were amazing 🙂

  17. There are some good places to get tacos in tourist areas. I've had some good street tacos in Tamarindo. I have also had some sad tacos in San Ramon, Puntarenas, and Santa Elena. My point is Costa Rica has its own cuisine, get down on some Gallio Pinto with Lizano.

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