1. The workout made Iman lose her baby fat cheeks. They both look great

  2. I don't think it's that-- this is some over-photoshopping by the promo art team

  3. If it features another movie's content in the film, yes

  4. Used to be Darcy for me but I enjoyed her scenes in WV

  5. The major difference is Peter actually went after the guy who did it instead of just violently killing a random goon for no reason

  6. Not too active on Facebook but I can point you to

  7. There are no cancer-related deaths but one character does pass off-screen due to a "mysterious illness" that is never named. There are other deaths in the film that are combat/battle related

  8. I think it's been confirmed that he does exist. They just didn't want to do the story for the 3rd time in 10 years.

  9. It's saying "with great power (must also) come great responsibility" without saying it. They're heavily implying that something happened to uncle Ben, and whether or not Peter's actions or inactions had anything to do with it, Ben is gone. And it must still be weighing on May early on in Homecoming

  10. I know it's been said before, but you really gotta hand it to him. I wouldn't have the patience to make a whole-ass movie and debunk clowny rumors online at the same time

  11. A lot of what I’ve seen is like 80% to the way there though which I don’t think will be very long until we can generate those last bits just as well. Not knocking the post, Ai creates some stunning work and allows people to create things.

  12. It frightens me as an artist in terms of the work we do in concepting and illustration. But at the same time, I got into midjourney yesterday and created a few pieces in minutes that id been brainstorming for years. It's a weird time

  13. 100%. I talk about it w my friend often. I make a living from design and illustration. How much longer until Ai takes a larger chunk of the pie? Kind of scary from that perspective, it’s my main career. But also I’ve messed around w mid journey too and came up w some great concepts and ideas for illustrations that I normally wouldn’t have thought of. So it’s kinda both sided. Definitely a weird time. I look forward to seeing human artwork in these subs, it’s kinda odd seeing multiple Ai posts.

  14. Yeah and you used to really be able to tell AI art because it was weirdly ethereal and abstract. But the new update to midjourney has made some of the output near indistinguishable from a professional concept artist. And ive seen some eerily impressive stylized illustrations as well. We're trying to iron out on the mod team here how to treat AI "fan art"-- we really want to continue to see traditional human art here (whether with hand media or digital) and don't want it to get fully washed out by AI images

  15. Stay away as long as you can. There's some gold on there but also goddamn sometimes I go on there and lose three hours at a time

  16. DAE think Andor is the greatest piece of media created in the last 300 years?

  17. Definitely the greatest star wars in 20 years, but I do love me some Filoni

  18. Remember how long it took for the whole Scorsese remark situation to die down? This is pretty new and im already sick of this discussion.

  19. I have been looking for one ! This is the best idea, we already have a Mr. Bean life-size cutout lol

  20. The Feathered Serpent God did appear in the god city scene in Thor Love and Thunder. So he does exist as an actual god in the Marvel universe. So, to answer your question, it IS a totally different character.

  21. That's not entirely what they're getting at but is another valid point

  22. This looks fantastic. I would love to see one of his armors made from Uru.

  23. Most cosplayers I know would say- if you're doing it respectfully and not modifying your skin/accent to do it, you're all good

  24. The question here isn't really "Should Marvel be higher". Based on the metrics they used, Star Wars beats Marvel. The real question is by what metrics did Star Wars beat Marvel.

  25. Yeah the weird bit here is that they don't include spider-man in the Marvel chunk even though the heavy hitter (NWH) is MCU and what they keep talking about in the article. Their criteria is a bit skewed

  26. There's a sequence in Cairo towards beginning of ep3 where neither of them remember killing a guy

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