Jan. 6 committee notifies DOJ that Trump tried tampering with one of its witnesses, Cheney says

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2000 IQ

  1. Yes it is louder than an ICE vehicle. You can’t hear it as much because you are inside the car. I can hear it when my wife is driving in from down the street in a quiet neighborhood

  2. NHTSA - Minimum Sound Requirements for Hybrid And Electric Vehicles

  3. If you plan on leaving the car for extended periods in weather below -5°C, make sure you are trickle charging as the battery will discharge at a rate exceeding 3% per day in cold weather.

  4. The country founded on economic servitude continues to find new ways to pit workers against management.

  5. The question remains - will you, as a US Senator, support a law to make abortion illegal in every state in the nation? That's a simple YES or NO question. No local politicians are required for that answer.

  6. I agree with the intellectual property part, too.

  7. NATO is not a ledger item assessed like a tax. NATO is an agreement to spend a percentage of the member country's GDP on defense.

  8. Factions aka 'spirit of party' aka hyperpartisan politics.

  9. Political parties are private clubs not mentioned in the Constitution for a reason. Allowing them to become so powerful at the expense of our ability to self-govern is the root of our modern dilemma, and we can do something about it. Move to exclusive public funding for all elections by Constitutional amendment.

  10. The problem is not with political parties, but with America's FPTP presidential system and voter-led primaries that incentivize hyperpolarization. Political parties function well in other developed democracies. If you delve into the political science literature, the consensus is that American political parties are unusually weak compared to those in other countries. If you want decreased polarization and better governance, what you would actually want to see is political parties becoming stronger by removing voting primaries and returning to party elites deciding candidates. That system worked remarkably well for America in the past and for other democracies in the present.

  11. Washington saw it very differently. His published Farewell Address was explicit, and the authorship included two known Federalist Paper authors.

  12. A Constitutional amendment to make all elections exclusively paid via public funding.

  13. People are about raw feelings and lizard brain reactions, and our tribal instincts play right into the schemes of the private clubs we call political parties.

  14. Without the rest of the affidavit, this is of limited value. The good news is that we may be getting the affidavit next week. A judge has instructed the justice department to redact the affidavit, possibly in preparation for release.

  15. If you think the interests of a private club, a political party with no Constitutional standing or authority, should be regarded as anything but a private club gone amok, please explain.

  16. Imagine how hard-core New Yorkers feel about this two-bit criminal. He failed to win a single voting district in his home island of Manhattan, not one district. He's been a NY joke since the 80s, and most of us remained perplexed that anyone would take the short-fingered vulgarian seriously; did you see his joke of an announcement with "hand-made" signs and paid actors?

  17. The rear window wiper is switched on automatically if the front windscreen wipers are switched on and reverse gear is engaged. Automatic activation when reverse gear is engaged can be activated and deactivated from the vehicle setting in the Infotainment system —> page 31.

  18. Earlier this Spring called the dealer for help with a punctured tire - they told me to use the jack and spare. Unfortunately, they have absolutely no clue about the cars they sell.

  19. And there is geothermal cooling. Limitless cooling from heat pumps connected to a loop exchanging heat with the ground around us and reversing it in the cold months to heat the house.

  20. This. People were laughing at Elon Musk for years, saying that building cheap EVs were impossible. The economy of scale needed to actually make cheap EVs meant that he needed to sink billions into building massive factories for years before the company could actually start making money. Because of that, Tesla was close to bankruptcy a few times, wall street massively shorted the stock, and the cult of Elon Musk was likely the only thing that allowed Tesla to secure enough loans to keep the company going until a few gigafactories could come online and start making money.

  21. As should be known on this subreddit, the future is not linear. Knowing what comes next can be decerned from the elements of development here and now but not easily predicted with exact fidelity.

  22. It's not that they don't get it. They'll be in hell when earth is at point of no return. It's a conflict of interest. Time for new party in 2024.

  23. 100% correct time to put these private clubs/political parties out of the business of running our government or our elections. They have absolutely no defined Constitutional role.

  24. There are technologies for immobilizing people without killing them.

  25. Until they make all federal elections exclusively publicly funded, there is no reason this will work. A constitutional amendment is required.

  26. “The strategy is to blame people his advisers called, quote, the crazies, for what Donald Trump did,” said Cheney. “This, of course, is nonsense.”

  27. The dumbest of the dumb Republican leadership still believes they can control him.

  28. And I suggest that your assumptions and paradigms are based only on your frame of reference that doesn't consider new paradigms and major innovation curves.

  29. I live in a major city, only use public transport and don't own a car.

  30. In an ideal world, Trump gets a firing squad, however the idiotic Republicans are looking to crown him

  31. You can just make a wheel with ridiculous statements, spin it, and nine out of ten times, they match Republican talking points. But, of course, it all looks silly when you stop being a cult member.

  32. You're going to be disappointed then.

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