1. I have lupus and stage 4 ckd. My lupus was well managed (I have been on immunosuppresants) and the damage to my kidneys just kind of happened. I had my quarterly lab work done and that's when we found out lupus had attacked my kidneys. Lupus is such a sinister disease. Wishing you the best!!

  2. This was at a Sam's Club in Kansas City

  3. I have a history of cluster headaches....horribly severe pain on only the right side of my head behind my eye. They come in clusters and usually last only few minutes to a couple hours at a time. I was diagnosed with lupus 6 months after the beginning of the cluster headaches. Verapamil has been a miracle drug and has helped lessen the attacks severity.

  4. So sorry to hear that. I've been in your same situation. It will get better, I promise. Sending you good vibes!

  5. I saw a few boxes of the cinnamon almond KIND cereal at a Kansas City area walmart earlier today but they didn't have much left.

  6. I work midnights 7:30pm-7am, seven days on/ seven days off. I switched to home infusion pharmacy for a bit which was Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm and weekends off. I ended up moving back to the midnight shift because I missed my week off so much.

  7. Try using code wowfresh and order pickup from store. You can get Kirby for $45 at the moment doing that.

  8. Thank you for this! It dropped the price down for me

  9. I had one too. Worst experience of my life up to this point. Had local anesthetics for skin and flesh but I felt everything in my bone. Every little and not so little hit on the needle. Every movement. After this only chemo and its side effects were worse.

  10. I agree, a bone marrow biopsy was one of the worst experiences. Never have I felt pain like that in my life. They said all I would feel is some pressure and that couldn't have been further from the truth. 10/10 would not recommend.

  11. I had no symptoms at all. Had my normal 3 month lab work done and received a phone call to go straight to the ER as I was in kidney failure. My creatinine was 3.9 and I had 3+ protein in my urine. I still don't really have any symptoms at all other then fatigue.

  12. I don't think your results are worrying at all. But consult with a nephrologist if it will give you some piece of mind.

  13. I thought certain scenes of Hell House were creepy, stemming from claustrophobia I think

  14. This movie terrified my and I can't really explain why. I'm very desensitized to horror movies but I had to turn the lights on during this one.

  15. Loved Homeland but no, does not fit this request. Slow and complex.

  16. Homeland is one of my favorite shows of all time but you are correct, it is very slow and complex. You really have to pay attention to what's going on.

  17. Oh my gosh!!! She is so adorable!! I use to have a basset and they are the best! Give her extra ear scratches for me! 😍

  18. Great! I always worry that freezing some things will ruin them. I might def have to do it then! I’m excited now. I’ll just have to make sure to weed out those made with honey so I don’t have a horrible reaction. That would be unfortunate.

  19. I'm actually headed to the farmers market tomorrow (Olathe has another one on the opposite side of town Wednesday mornings that this lady sells at). I'll ask her what ingredients are in it and get back to you. That way you don't make a wasted trip!

  20. Thank you so much! I’m only worried about the honey - unless it somehow has blueberries in it - everything else is fine!

  21. Sorry it took so long to get back to you! She wasn't at the farmers market Wednesday but she was this morning. Her bread is not made with honey! She has a website as well that it looks like you can order from:

  22. I'm so sorry for your loss. Nikkal is adorable! You will see eachother again.

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