1. Loretta Lynn, Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, and Brandy Clark

  2. Dolly Parton has a lot of kids music but can also start the kid in a songwriting journey that can lead them to other greats

  3. I’ve had the opposite issue where I can not like some songs

  4. Wow being an avid country listener I hardly see albums I recognize on here so thanks for that 😂

  5. Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, and Alan Jackson Reba, Loretta Lynn, and Lorrie Morgan

  6. Wow just downloaded this and I’m loving it so far- always looking to discover new music and hoping recommendations will get even better as the app gets to know me- one thing I would change is it seems to be playing some of my liked songs

  7. I haven't listened to either in a while, but when I did it was mostly Patsy Cline and Reba :)

  8. Well those are two great choices to listen to!

  9. That Yola album 😘 I love ride out in the country!

  10. Not really that into country but Rest In Peace Joey Feek. She had a great voice and I followed her battle with cancer through Rory’s blog. Can’t believe it’s been over six years already…

  11. Yeah she was amazing both vocally and personally shame she had to pass so soon

  12. I have the complete opposite in terms of music taste (lol) but I want to be a friend coz I want to get into country

  13. The Brandy Clark and Ashley McBryde albums for sure especially Your Life’s a Record

  14. I love Brandy Clark’s writing she has a lot of really clever ones but one that sticks out to me is “They say loves like coming home and I came from a broken one. So why am I surprised you’re always leaving.” from Just Like Him

  15. Two almost tied with sweet dreams by Reba McEntire at 8:59 and Loose talk by Loretta Lynn at 9:02

  16. I’ve got several. But lately, the one I’ve been putting on repeat constantly is Naked.

  17. I love Naked! I’ve never heard drinkin games. Do you happen to have a link that I can hear it?

  18. That’s great she has a lot of unreleased ones that need to be released my favorite is town left me

  19. Thanks! Yeah I do a lot of rock, country and blues artists. Elvis, Tom Petty, Dwight Yoakum. You name it

  20. Wow cool - is it possible I can see the Dwight yoakam one?

  21. I like your taste. Brad Paisley, George Strait?

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