1. Getting help for yourself as you’re doing in therapy is great. Keep that up.

  2. I was 12 and a friends dad fed me booze and we went in the hot tub (with my friend/ his daughter) and me being a child not knowing booze made you more drunk — he licked my toes a lot. Now when someone says they like my feet I cringe

  3. I’ve been able to focus long enough to enjoy reading again!

  4. Oh gosh I went and bought a new one cause of this cause I thought it was mold. The new one has it too. People say it’s fine but ewwwww

  5. Would Calcium Bentonite clay count? A paste (thick as you can, but wet), left to dry, will take down a lot. 🧹🕯🖖

  6. I really appreciate this and will bank it for later! But unfortunately this is for a kitty

  7. Choice. I’m ‘complete’ by myself. I won’t settle but I’m open to being in a relationship when I find someone who adds to my life.

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