1. Young man, you should not have pushed her out of your tree house for having cooties.

  2. Lol. That Freemason bitch wishes he got to the level Ye did but wasn’t willing to sacrifice his mom for it.

  3. You literally said you won’t look into it, have an nft profile pic, and drive a charger. Honestly a compliment coming from you.

  4. And here I’ve just been giving them numbers but inspiring messages is good too.

  5. I think it’s about how we used to get our food from perennials and then destroyed the Fertile Crescent trying to grow annuals.

  6. Alright buddy if you really think that then that's cool, be happy you somehow made it through ban wave unscathed cause you callin Balenci a pedo company is wild☠️☠️ Wish nothing but the best for you though🙌🏽 And wait what, Baby2Baby? The non profit organization that provides less fortunate families with free baby stuff? What?😳 Ok slowly backing away, slowly backing away...

  7. SS: Kim Kardashian is still showing support for Balenciaga on her Instagram. She is also a sponsor for Baby2Baby and posted about them recently. B2B provides resources and housing to low income children and their parents. They work with a TON of big celebrities including Chrissy Teigen who has a long history of being a creep. I think there could be more here but so far have only found a few hidden symbols.

  8. You haven't watched many child beauty pageants, have you?

  9. Balenciaga acting like this was some rogue people that they hired doing this is nuts. They even have a book that promotes the sexualization of children in another ad. Anyone with half a brain would never have approved that release unless they already knew what they were doing

  10. Somebody needs to look closely at Baby2Baby. Kim was promoting them very recently on Instagram and they work with a ton of big name celebs including Chrissy Teigen.

  11. If this sub actually gives a fuck about pedophilia ya’ll should not google what kanye thought about Tyga dating a young teenager

  12. Had to look that one up. Of course every article I found just has to mention how good they think her butt and stomach look.

  13. I can’t bring myself to watch her speak for 7 whole minutes

  14. I’ve been diligently avoiding duvet covers and ref whistles but didn’t even know about winter vaginas!

  15. I wish I was a top cardiologist so I could also see things that are obvious.

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