1. Everyone talking about geography and playing with friends…maybe dude just wants to play SS and the Pads couldn’t promise him that.

  2. You think they were willing to pay him that much to play 2B?

  3. Tatis has a full no trade, correct? So that would be challenging. Why would he want to leave the Padres?

  4. For any number of reasons. Teams can offer incentives for players to waive no-trade clauses, and for all you know, there are other teams he's interested in playing for.

  5. It’s really just excluding games where he got injured in the middle of the game and didn’t return or just outright missed the game. It isn’t excluding games where he returned from injury or anything.

  6. No, they're also excluding Week 3 and Week 8, while arbitrarily including his last 6 games of the 2021 season.

  7. His defense also kinda deteriorated in the past few games. I think that he is still above average, but not as elite as end of last season, first 10 games this season.

  8. Yea, Deni's just barely hanging on to his positive DEF RAPTOR now.

  9. Yea, his disappearance from the league is crazy to me. Especially with the current identity of this team he would be a great asset, a tremendous people mover in the run game, very mediocre in pass pro.

  10. I don't think he retired. It's just that he knows his worth. He got a $10m AAV deal from Miami after the 2019 season, and after having a great season with us last year, he clearly wasn't interested in taking a discount to play for us or any other team that called.

  11. Isn't the 5th year option only guaranteed for injury?

  12. No, it's fully guaranteed, otherwise it wouldn't be that big of a decision.

  13. Lol, no clue where you're pulling that quote from, but it's incorrect.

  14. We have a better chance of beating the Giants twice than we do of beating the 49ers or the Cowboys.

  15. I think the Cowboys could easily be resting starters for our next game with them. It’s the last game of the season, and the way they look I expect they’ll probably have 11-12 wins already. They probably will have the top wildcard spot locked down.

  16. Yea that's a possibility, but only if there's no chance of them winning the division and getting the #1 seed, which as of right now is still a possibility.

  17. Idk about Fedex, but I went to the Texans game and was surprised that about 50% of the fans in attendance were Washington fans.

  18. Doesn't seem like he's getting "worked up" over the data. It's you who wants to ignore the data that shows there's nothing to suggest that Abrams will be a Gold Glove caliber SS.

  19. I didn't say anything about Abrams being a gold glove caliber SS. I said that I don't think that half a season of a defensive metric is worth any more than if a guy only had 10 plate appearances and struck out three times. Strictly speaking, you would prefer that he didn't do that, but it's not really meaningful. Defensive metrics take even more time to stabilize than hitting metrics.

  20. I'm sorry, but there's a HUGE difference between half a season of defensive metrics (it's not just OAA) versus 10 PA's. Plus we have his defensive metrics from playing SS in the minors, where he showed little improvement.

  21. I’d say left tackle is even a higher priority than QB. Imagine what 4 could do with a pocket.

  22. Leno is great, considering his contract. Above average as a pass and run blocker, and the most durable lineman in the league. Never missed a game in 8 seasons as a starter, all while getting paid just $12.5m per year.

  23. Yeah he should only play on our field where nobody has ever gotten hurt before

  24. The only reason people think Fedex Field is "dangerous" is because we've had a fair share of high profile injuries (RG3 x2, Alex Smith, Joe Burrow, Chase Young, etc) that have gotten a lot of media attention. But there was a study done using injury data from 2012-2016, and it turned out that Washington's stadium was actually the safest in the league during that time period, in terms of injury risk.

  25. There are plenty of ABs to go around between 1B/3B/DH especially with Meneses being able to play a passable RF as well. Alu, Keiboom and Candelario can all get a chance to produce and, if by some miracle, all three of them hit Candelario can be flipped to a contender for younger (preferably bullpen) help.

  26. Except Meneses isn't passable at RF. He's fine at 1B, but he's a liability in the OF.

  27. Without Rui, we have no one who can score. There is no way we can win today because we don't have Kuzma.

  28. Would've still lost with both of them playing. The one positive was that we only had 4 total turnovers tonight as a team, but can't compete when the Celtics are shooting 47.1% from 3PT (16-34).

  29. Gafford can’t box out to save his life. When Gaffords on the court, the other team can always get a score off an offensive rebound.

  30. Still struggled with rebounding tonight even without him on the court.

  31. 98+ minutes is nothing lol. Qualifying minutes should be much higher.

  32. Giants are destroyed by injuries right now. They were missing about 12 starters this past week. We should be able to win both games, which would give us 90% odds of making the playoffs, even if we were to lose the last 3 games on our schedule (49ers, Browns, Cowboys).

  33. It’s not just throwing, it’s seeing the whole field. No QB on then roster is able to read the defense pre snap and see the whole field on a play to get the ball to whoever might be open on a given play. It’s why the elite QBs target multiple guys per game, while limited ones like Wentz or Heinicke focus on just one or two guys. I guarantee that if you watch the tape of passing plays all season, our QBs are missing open guys that an elite QB would see.

  34. Yes, you'd probably hate Heinicke if you watched the All-22 from the Vikings game.

  35. Mayo is good to have back as a run stuffer. Complete liability in coverage but against Atlanta I’ll take him.

  36. Bostic has looked a helluva lot better against the run these last 3 weeks than Mayo ever has.

  37. He was ready to play tomorrow, as they already put him back on the active roster, but he apparently got sick this weekend:

  38. Remember when this guy was relevant :/

  39. He looked great last week. Made some amazing contested catches, which was always his biggest strength. Now they just need to start feeding him near the goal line again.

  40. I haven't heard anything from the team but Jahan as PR would be pretty cool. Plus early in the season he said he wanted to take some punts.

  41. No, it's really not cool at all, considering that punt returner is the most dangerous position to play, in terms of injury frequency.

  42. We can’t keep him wrapped in bubble wrap. If he can help he should get back there.

  43. Wrapped in bubble wrap? He's one of our 3 starting WR's, and he's a lot more valuable as a WR than a punt returner lol.

  44. Falcons do have a solid run game, but their numbers are inflated from playing against some of the worst run defenses in the league.

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