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  1. I echo that PT’s don’t get paid enough. Went to school initially for PT but after seeing the salary and WLB expectations I switched out. I know I would have enjoyed PT way more but still. PT’s should really be up there near doctors.

  2. What career did you switch to? I'm about at that point in my PT career after three years 😂

  3. I switched to accounting. Got my CPA and currently work for a public accounting firm (not in tax). Currently in the grind years of my career (in year 3) long term I’ll be looking for a cushie WFH job on the management side of things. Accounting is a degree where you’ll either be stuck in a shitty dead end payable job or can make some good money if you play your cards right. I don’t like my job but it’s pays the bills haha

  4. Can you expand on your career growth? Did you change careers or just try to job hop every few years?

  5. Apologies in advance for the super lengthy read but I hope this could be useful for you! Have been visiting Thailand frequently for about 15 years and have lived there for 2 years :)

  6. Are there different varieties of sim cards or are they all the same? For example, ones that are faster than others?

  7. That's an Indonesia issue, people aren't carrying around 10000baht notes.

  8. With the tuktuks, how do you know what price you're supposed to pay?

  9. You should be able to set your ISO down and shutter speed up and get below F22 - maybe not all the way down to 1.8 but definitely lower than 22 - what kind of camera is it?

  10. I was at 100 ISO. I think my shutter speed was at 1/8000. I have a Sony a7iii

  11. Something about this does not add up at all. Like something is very wrong here.

  12. It was at maybe 18-22. Don't remember exact numbers but it was higher than what I was hoping to use. I use those zebra lines and I could only get rid of them when I was on those settings. Anything below and the zebra lines would appear

  13. Isn't the supreme court supposed to be free from religious bias? Do they need any reason or justification to vote on this ruling? It just all of a sudden happened when we have these members of supreme court? I don't understand how they are allowed to do this.... Can't they be tried or sued somehow?

  14. I switched to being an Epic analyst. No extra schooling required other than the certification classes that your company pays for. Completely wfh, higher pay, and much less stress.

  15. Do you work specifically for epic or do you work for the company you worked PT at?

  16. I work for a different company. My old place had epic analysts but it felt weird to ask my boss if I could move to the IT side. I also wanted a wfh position and they did not allow that.

  17. Yeah because I looked into working for epic and the thing that stops me is the living requirement. That's great to hear that there are options where you can work from home!

  18. I'm going there this Friday! A similar itenerary too! Any things you would have changed it this that you thought were must see on your trip?? 😀

  19. Well part of the reason is financial because they grew up low income and that motivates her to want to keep working for security reasons.

  20. Move to a country with universal healthcare (that sounds sarcastic but I'm serious). I'm moving to Portugal later this year and likely will retire there, eventually opting into their healthcare system when I'm eligible.

  21. What's the eligibility requirement? I've heard if a lot of people mention that they're going to retire in Portugal. Are there other reasons you choose Portugal to retire to?

  22. Any good suggestions for good quality budget travel tripod? Travel meaning will be small when packed and light weight. I use a sony a7iii. Does anyone have any thoughts on using a gorilla pod over a traditional tripod?

  23. Doesn't matter if it's outdoors or inside. Not talking to the camera, I'm just looking at the view finder

  24. yea it's the mic, built-in picks up sounds from all over, research shotgun microphones like Rode VideoMicro > check the

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