1. Just the type of sleaze I’d expect from a “Sal”

  2. I’m heavily inked. I could care less if my SD has tattoos or not. I’ve yet to have issues because of my tattoos but I do believe it makes my pool smaller since not all SDs are okay with tattoos.

  3. I had women on vinalla apps and went out their way to tell me I got too many Tattoos. To be honest , I got a body suit of tattoos. If I go to certain parts of the world that are Conservative. I will struggle with vanilla dating apps 😅🤣

  4. I’m surprised women would have an issue, but that’s interesting to know. My last SD was the same age my father was and had no problem and some to my surprise don’t, but I do know that many frown upon women with many tattoos. I have been told that I’ve “ruined” myself with tattoos and made myself “ugly” but to each their own. Now when I’m seeking I just let it be clear that yes I could try to cover all of my tattoos with my hair, cover up make up and clothing, but if that’s preferred then I am the wrong one. I just see it as maybe we’re just weeding out those people that can’t appreciate body art and freedom of expression 😂

  5. Meeting frequency definitely plays a part. His income, her looks in many cases (average Vs top tier does make a difference), and expectations in the arrangement. You can’t always use base ppm/allowance per area since there’s other factors. Some areas have ppm/allowance listed lower than an escorts hourly charges.

  6. Just a curious question, if you met a whale, who could triple what you got from other SD's, would you give him more of yourself compared to the other SD's you had? Without him asking for example.

  7. I don’t think I could really “give more”. I give my full attention and effort regardless. If my SD is treating me good then I’m giving my best. If an SD doesn’t value me then I’m not going to be in an arrangement with him. It’s more about the overall treatment than the allowance.

  8. She’s probably smoking unfiltered cigarettes to the end and burning herself

  9. I don’t think I’ve seen her switch up her smokes. I’ve always seen a filter on hers

  10. Yep, I don't always bite but I've had a bad habit of picking at my lips for like 20 years when I'm stressed. My lips often look like this or worse. So could be meth, or it could be a bad habit.

  11. The lack of swelling or appearance of irritation other than scabbing leads me to assume this would be from some type of neglect, lack of moisturizing or sores of some type whether through drug use or lacking in general self care or as some have said dehydration. The pattern wouldn’t make me really think biting. She probably doesn’t wear both dentures all of the time or when sleeping. Dentures are also less sharp and strong than normal teeth and would require removal to let her gums breathe for proper oral care and cleaning of the teeth. My dad had dentures and would often remove them and soak them overnight or for a half hour or so in the day to disinfect them and let his gums breathe and clean his mouth. Who knows what it is. It’s not a good look for her and I’m sorry to you and all that have such bad stress habits that sound quite painful :(

  12. Nigeria has one of the largest Muslim populations in the world. More Muslims in Nigeria that Iraq, Morroco and Saudi Arabia combined.

  13. This is true Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria I believe are in the top 4 or 5 most Muslim dominant countries. I think learning through first hand travel and interacting with others is one of the best ways to learn and understand what is more common or dominant in different countries and their cultures. I’m unsure if media plays a part in this misunderstanding or what it is, but it definitely isn’t commonly taught. There’s diversity in every country, but some are portrayed or assumed as less diverse than they really are.

  14. Most countries mentioned here are not very Muslim dominant 😂 Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh are more Muslim populated/dominant. I don’t see many people in PK and BD getting plastic surgery. I do know a few amazing Muslim women that get injections. I have yet to meet another Muslim woman with breast implants, but lip fillers and Botox are not uncommon.

  15. I started baking with Guittard chips 8 years ago and have never looked back. My mom is confounded why my chocolate chip cookies are so much better than hers when we use the same recipe. Quality in, quality out!

  16. I like this idea. Adding more chocolate, nuts, use butter instead of oil, espresso powder or you can replace water with fresh hot brewed coffee (I love espresso powder personally) adding a little salt and vanilla. Swirl in something else. I’ve used cajeta and it came out lovely. I’ve also cut and just added a filling between my brownies like cajeta, fudge icing etc. You can add caramel, pecans and extra chocolate to do a turtle brownie too.

  17. It is good although I prefer replacing it with milk then adding espresso or instant coffee to maintain more richness but if you don’t have espresso powder or instant coffee then replacing the water with coffee is awesome and enhances the chocolate :)

  18. I make jars often although it’s not my main form of spell work. I just recently made one as a gift for a friend for protection and warding off negativity

  19. Blooming onion or tots. Fried green beans wouldn’t be bad with ketchup either. I have an odd habit of dipping green beans in ketchup anyway 🤭

  20. Wow, I read some other profile reviews and saw people mention their job so thought I would too :( you’re right that I am looking for a fairly specific kind of SR

  21. I disagree with those saying to take out the social media influencing part. As a former influencer it was a big part of my life, and if someone is getting to know you they should be able to know and respect what you do. It also gives more insight into what your lifestyle is like. I also don’t know why in the world one would view it in a negative light.

  22. Thanks for some well thought out advice; my intention initially wasn’t to look for a whale, but I’ve chatted with a few guys already and it seems my ppm/allowance is really high for my cities…so a whale might be just what I need🤞🏻

  23. I will say that even if your ppm/allowance is seemingly too high for your areas based on your interactions so far to know your worth. You’ll get many that will try to low ball you so it may not actually be a “you” problem. You could check the allowance thread here on SLF to see averages for your cities, but also keep in mind it varies.

  24. I don’t find Jovi personally attractive - he’s not my type, but he’s a nice looking guy that works hard. He seems to be very supportive of Yara and loves her. I thought she should have defended him, too. He helped her create a beautiful daughter, works hard to provide and as mentioned she’s had work and I don’t think he’s had any at all.

  25. I’ve always been a care taker and giver. I’ve learned it shouldn’t be awkward. I overthought how I could express gratitude etc. Simply saying thank you as someone said is the best way and many will appreciate a heart felt thank you.

  26. Is it possible to be a SD with no money?

  27. Different when we don’t know if this is a case of low self esteem or lack of confidence. There are very beautiful women that have poor self images. I find confidence attractive personally, and I’m sure most SDs do as well.

  28. I wish that were the case but I actually do eat well and exercise regularly! My weight is a direct result of multiple medical issues that are chronic and not fixable :/ I know it will be harder for sure but is it possible at all is my question. Unfortunately I don’t believe losing weight is an option at this point in time despite how much i want it to be.

  29. On topic outside of weight some SDs I’ve met have said they preferred women with some curves on them. I wouldn’t stress it. Sites are definitely filled with scammers and johns and it takes time to find a good SD. Maybe try a profile review too?

  30. Depends on what you mean. If you choose to be exclusive I’d switch from PPM to allowance. If you were purely transactional and it was all about sex and money before with no exclusivity and you were on allowance instead of PPM then I’d say most definitely. In that case I’d think there should be an increase of the allowance.

  31. I am bad with terminology, but I thought vanilla was a traditional monogamous relationship, I see both sugar and vanilla as both having a financial aspect to it . As rightfully, they should. Sugar, for me , is not monogamous, and I make it clear to the babes I am with.

  32. Sugar can be exclusive. I couldn’t sleep with multiple daddies, and my past sugar relationships chose sugaring since they wanted more than what seeing sex workers would offer. In sugar it’s hard for there to not be emotion involved. There’s often some type of connection formed and trust is built on both sides. There are boundaries set that should be respected as well. There’s different types of arrangements. You don’t have to be monogamous either and most daddies are not hence many being married. If you don’t want your SB seeing multiple daddies though then it’s something that should be discussed or if you end up wanting to have something exclusive or with more aspects of a vanilla relationship then there’s the option of having a sugar girlfriend which can also be an open relationship too if both parties wish it to be.

  33. Too long, but off and on. Over 10 years without giving too much information.

  34. No regrets. I do wish my first SR would have been different though. I was barely of age, immature and could have learned so much more from him. In terms of learning most SRs don’t last forever so make the best of the time you have - learn all that you can, enjoy every moment and try to come out better than you were before. I think that I’ve learned a lot about myself through sugaring and what I prefer and dislike as well so it’s been a growing experience.

  35. Serious question, do a lot of people bake without scales? I baked to the gram +/- 2% or so, if over pouring by accident for example. I’ve always had scales fortunately, more because of the fact I go through health-kick phases and weigh out my portions for the My Fitness Pal app.

  36. I personally use a scale now. I never used one prior to working in a bakery and I did fine. Once I got used to the methods at work I sort of stuck to them though. When learning different pastries I found a scale made first attempts much more successful and my breads seemed to be much more consistent in quality too. I can’t go back to not using one now

  37. trust is established by him PAYING FOR YOUR TIME. that's the entire premise of the arrangement. you establish trust for him by being who you portrayed yourself to be, he establishes it by $$$$. plus most of us don't sugar for free drinks lol. any young woman can get that from a man HER AGE. the SD is already benefitting from a hot young girl's time and presence. just going out with her is a privilege. why would any legitimate provider have an issue offering a measly few hundred to meet a girl he's interested enough in to consider an arrangement? the amounts typical requested for m&g are chump change to an actual SD.

  38. For a meet and greet I personally don’t request nor expect to be paid. If I’m not giving any sugar I don’t expect it. I usually receive cash gifts or a card and cash, but have never requested it or made it mandatory. I usually meet for something very brief like a coffee so I have an easy out, feel him out and leave. If it felt right we make plans to start an actual arrangement and for our first date (usually non-sexual as well, but more intimate) where the agreed amount is paid up front and go from there. Most of the daddies I know or meet just simply would not pay for a short M&G. If you can get paid a few hundred for a short meet where no touching, kissing, or actual time is spent you’re doing pretty well, and that’s great for you. I’ve heard stories from SDs that have paid for a M&G and never saw the SB again or have been walked out on once the envelope was slid over, and have also heard some say they’ve seen the same SB out on another M&G doing the exact same thing. It’s actually pretty common from what I’ve heard. I do what feels comfortable and right for me though. If I’m not giving sugar or much time I don’t expect anything but to be treated nicely and cash gifts are appreciated. It’s less than an hour of my time with nothing but a brief chat and vibe check to me. I’m also more traditional since sugaring was much different when I first began. To each their own. I personally don’t refuse M&Gs all together, don’t want a long dinner for a first meet nor do I ask to be paid for one and can’t see myself starting to do so either and that’s just me. If you do and you’re having success, getting bank and finding solid arrangements then I’m happy for you and applaud you for that though.

  39. any story from an SD could easily be a lie lol. he paid for a m&g and he got one, that's not a scam.... him getting free attention and time is a scam on the SB imo. btw the sugar in the arrangement is your time and presence- not just sex. if that's the case in your arrangements, imo you would get much more $ for your time escorting instead, and i mean that sincerely and nicely. i personally believe lots of SBs could be more financially successful escorting instead, as a lot of "SDs" nowadays essentially want a discounted escoet experience. of course that's a very personal decision and we all have our reasons for doing this, no hate to you at all, do what works for you, it's an individual game.

  40. I really have no need to turn to escorting and I’m not sure how that would be better for me. Sugaring isn’t my only source of income and my past arrangements were great for me. In my area and compared to a lot of what I see on Reddit and have heard from others I think I’ve been blessed with a few really amazing daddies in my time. I’ve mostly had long term more traditional SRs and have had/built great connections beyond just physical and transactional. I don’t think I could do escorting although I have no issue with those that choose to. I enjoy the allowance, gifts and occasional trips from my SD, but I also enjoy the connection we build too.

  41. It’s a form of sex technically, but it’s not actual sex. She should have informed you about her monthly visitor before just showing up to see if you were okay with that or not. Communication can go a long way.

  42. I mention in my profiles that I prefer a more traditional sugar relationship but many don’t understand what that means.

  43. That’s solid advice. I do believe it to be true that some do try going around it, but there’s also many newer SDs I am seeing that likely haven’t experienced anything traditional and have gotten accustomed to the now SW/John type “sugar relationships” that seem to be common on apps now.

  44. It's a shame that "Perfect" isn't a category, if so, you could just check that box.

  45. That’s funny, lol! Angles can be magical. I guess that’s another reason posting full body photos using completely different angles is a good idea since it is more accurate. I was planning on posting fresh pictures for the new year and do find value in posts like these since they do give me ideas on how to improve my own profile. If the nose tackle did post different angles then maybe photo shop helped the weight loss haha

  46. We aren't expecting a full essay on body type, a descriptive word + a clothed full-body photo (or two) that doesn't hide your form is fine. Seems like "athletic" is the best choice for you. Some SBs choose "athletic" when "curvy" would be more appropriate, can't do anything about that. We know from complaints on this forum that some SDs are +40 lbs and +20 years over their descriptions, too.

  47. I understand that- I just stick to average seeing as how things change and then of course others standards as to what a particular category should be. If I’m not in the gym as much I feel less athletic. I wish there were just more options where you could maybe select slender/curvy or a few extra pounds/curvy to clarify. It’s hard to fit into one category. I’ve always stressed over trying to be as accurate as possible when filling out my profiles and posting photos.I see posts like these and think well “it’s difficult” lol. Everyone has a different idea as to what they’d consider to be athletic, curvy or slim though so I’m sure there’s always going to be some type of complaint about what we choose in our body types regardless. I just know I personally don’t fit into one category exactly so it’s a struggle but I think my average is on the safe side since I’ve not gotten a complaint yet nor accused of misrepresentation.

  48. I think some don’t bother reading text or selectively read.

  49. Looks fine just don’t pick at it and be gentle with the area. Worst case scenario you may need that spot touched up a little later if it heals funky. I’ve had some more scabby areas lose more ink whilst healing than I would’ve liked for them to. I’ve also had infections before (airborne bacteria from animals) where I’ve had some crazy looking spots but this does not seem abnormal at all so don’t worry Edit: don’t use anything like neosporin on the area either even though it can be tempting with scabs. Stick with unscented moisturizers.

  50. The only things that can really help improve texture is skin care. The smoother and more flawless you can get your skin without make up then the better it will look with make up on the skin.

  51. Some of his reactions were really funny a couple times. Trying to remember who was on..

  52. I can’t remember any funny ones. He always seemed to try hard and was really awkward. I struggle remembering him because he’s just never been interesting to me. I was sort of over him when he made all of the awkward sexual remarks to Molly.

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