1. Holy shit. 5 years later people are STILL making this sauce. I lost my dad about 9 years ago, so seeing people make something the two of us did together is really special to me!

  2. ehhh the time between you posting the recipe and the last time i made the sauce is much less than the time between the last time i made the sauce and now

  3. So Muslims can have basically the entire Middle East, almost 5 million square miles of territory but the Jews can’t have a tiny sliver of land the size of New Jersey without getting fucked with every 5 seconds by their neighbors. That would be like you giving me shit for having a shoe box in your 6 car garage.

  4. You missed the part where he was being given conflicting instructions by 2 officers, so no matter what he did…it was “wrong”.

  5. Ugh. No. Brailsford is not in the Philippines. That is Charles Langley, the one who was giving the commands.

  6. Still hoping for an IC705 style radio with 100w. No I don’t want to lug my 7300 out. 891 can do 100w in tiny package, I think Icom can do it just as well.

  7. If Baofeng can make a 100w HT, surely Icom can as well. Lol

  8. If you want to be proficient at Morse, put down the Morse detector and learn the code.

  9. I was there during the 2016 explosion. There should be an increased police presence there for a while. I remember getting my bags searched from time to time on the subway. Tread carefully and avoid crowds for the time being if you can!

  10. day 13 and I can’t stop having hot thoughts.

  11. Still in, only 5 more days until 1/2 completion!

  12. still in! if we complete today, we’ll be 1/3 complete!

  13. NNN all the way. Part of what makes NNN fun is the anticipation for the December 1st Big Nut. also,

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