2. YA! Podcast has over a hundred episodes, covering young adult novels old and new. They do get into spoilers, so I suggest reading the book before listening to the episode. Bonus - they're Canadian!

  3. this is an incredibly tragic story, but i think she made the right call. even if he hadn’t been using before, there’s so much that could go wrong babysitting an infant, could you really trust one with someone who has hospitalized another family member? i’m incredibly sorry for OOP and her family, but she has to protect her daughter.

  4. Especially for a weekend getaway for someone who can't even speak - even a 3 year old could theoretically call for help. I'd at the very least want to start small like, "We're going out for dinner 10 minutes away - be back in an hour and a half!" not a a full weekend out of town.

  5. I can only do ebooks on my e-reader. Occasionally something glitches, and a library book won't show up on my e-reader - everyone tells me to just read it on my phone or tablet, but it is 100% not the same. At that point, I either get the physical book from the library or I buy a physical copy.

  6. Two and a half chapters in to Six of Crows atm and completely uninterested. Sad bc I had heard such rave reviews

  7. I felt that way too! Because it has so many POVs that it cycles through, I found it took until about chapter 8 (once I started encountering a person's perspective for the second time) for me to really get everyone and everything sorted in my head. Once I did, I couldn't stop and the duology quickly became my favourite. Which then meant I was very disappointed by her next duology haha

  8. My noodle did this all the time. It was concerning when he was really small (couldn't find him for days!) but when he was bigger, he could easily go back and forth, so we weren't worried anymore. We did block it off when he was small - he used to crawl in from the top. Eventually he got strong enough to dig underneath, so we let that happen and didn't bother stopping him.

  9. I feel this. I'm always embarrassed to admit when I'm happy with my life/partner. It feels like I should either just say, "Oh you know, the usual! How are you??" or to focus in on the one thing that's not going great: "Not too bad - got a major deadline coming up at work, so that's on my mind. How are you??"

  10. Best sewing machine for a total n00b?? I had a sewing machine when I was in my teens, but I quickly got overwhelmed and confused, so I never used it and my parents gave it away. I've always wanted to learn to sew - figure I'd start with decorative pillows and tote bags, eventually move on to creating skirts and dresses for myself.

  11. Alyssa Cole has a series of NA romance novels with black protagonists, called the Reluctant Royals series. The first one {{A Princess in Theory}} follows a college student who's trying to pay for school and make ends meet while she keeps receiving emails that she thinks are variations on the Nigerian Prince scam.

  12. Do the episodes usually contain spoilers for the book in question? Or are the episodes more about promoting interest in the book?

  13. I find that Act 1 has great songs and good songs. Other than "Story of Tonight" (and its reprises) there aren't any that I skip. My favourite of the whole show is "Satisfied", which is Act 1.

  14. Omg why does everyone hate on the story of tonight? I think they're very good. But imo the reprise is better. The fact that they were more drunk than the previous is hilarious.

  15. I think it's because they're slow, but not particularly emotional (it's a little too early in the show for emotional impact). "Burn" is slow, but my god do you feel for Eliza.

  16. I think this would be cute, especially for first-time parents, if it wasn't geared specifically to that whole "lulz men are clueless" trope. Cuz fuck yeah - dressing them wiggly suckers is a challenge!

  17. • A Map for Wrecked girls is this standalone contemporary novel i would have never heard about or found if I hadn’t stumbled upon it on in the dollar store years ago. You follow the pov of the younger sister and the book switches between two timelines, the present when the sisters stranded are on a island and the past where you find out why they have such a tumultuous relationship when they used to be so close. I think there was some minor romance but it was mainly about the sisters relationship. I like seeing a story with sisters that were really close and the little sister expressing she’d like to grow old and live in a house with her older sister as her dream was something that resonated with me.

  18. Holy fuck! I just read A Map for Young Girls last year! No one I know has even heard of it!! I feel vindicated now!

  19. For easy simple patterns, you can either look up pixel art or use perler bead patterns. You'll have to grid the perler bead patterns, but the patterns are often less than 50×50 squares, making them quick and small!

  20. I have taught individual kids (I used to stitch while waiting for my sons in Chess Club, and invariably a Chess Sibling would get interested) and also taught a church group; one year for Career Day I gave a brief talk on the history of embroidery and taught my son's 5th grade class to stitch. I made a small one-color pattern of the school logo and provided a kit with a ball-point needle, floss and perforated paper. I have often found that perf paper or perf plastic is a good starting point, as it's easier for beginners to see the holes, and it doesn't require any special finishing. If you are teaching kids younger than say 8 or so, I'd suggest using a larger size plastic canvas, yarn and a plastic darning needle, as it would be easier for them to handle.

  21. I've worked at city-run park play groups, and we've taught the kids to essentially cross stitch using plastic canvas and yarn too!

  22. About regional publishing - it's not up to the author, it's up to the publisher. And a lot of American publishers believe that American children/teens won't read stuff that they "can't relate to" ie stuff out of the US. It's why it's "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" in the US. A lot of UK novels get "Americanized" by the American publisher.

  23. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld has a girl pretending to be a boy so she can be a pilot and join the war. It's steampunk/AU World War I

  24. I've recently really gotten into the schadenfreude of horrible MILs. I did a BORU search of "MIL" and "JUSTNOMIL" and was able to read anything posted in the past 6 months or so.

  25. I have read 23 books this month(yeah I know, a lot, but I have a lot of free time now)

  26. Every other store in the mall ostensibly has enough staff to be able to keep full mall operating hours…this is just a Lush problem here.

  27. It could be that the other stores are mandating ridiculously long hours for their staff in order to deal with staff shortage while maintaining their usual hours, while LUSH is giving their staff reasonable hours by closing early.

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