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  1. remember that time when John cyberpunk said “it’s cyberpunking time” and then he cyberpunked all over arasaka? my fav moment ngl

  2. Guess Rhaenys and Meraxes didn’t feel like fighting then lmao

  3. What sites do you use? I wasn't aware you could notifications on sites like a03.

  4. If you subscribe to an author or work on AO3, you get email notifications by default I think.

  5. Oh right. I've never gotten round to finding an author I really like. I'll give it a bash. Thanks.

  6. Tyrion couldn’t lose his nose bc they’d have to CGI an open wound on his face everytime he appeared afterwards for 6 more seasons.

  7. Even if maybe they could be done they’d be super jarring to look at, even more than Emma is by far

  8. It is good that Rhaenyra is beloved by the fandom, they have the perfect opportunity to portray her downfall and how she transformed from "the realm's delight" into a selfish and covardly person. If the creators do a good job we'll hate almost every character in the final season.

  9. Which is why I think that the Blackfyre Rebellion would have been far more interesting. Two sides filled with Bad people, but the figure heads ultimately being good people, or at the very least, not obviously with bad traits. It could highlight the tragedy of war even more.

  10. I didn’t know Daeron II The Good was a bad person, or Maekar, or Baelon Breakspear…

  11. I didn't say they were. I said they were good people, or at the least, we don't have evidence to say they are bad people.

  12. Milo from Morbius, he needs a new place to have sex and not poop his pants. He wants to take control so he can have sex as much as possible.

  13. Hank beating up Jesse changed everything. You're right. Walt had a great thing going with Gale.

  14. I don't care if the Lads and Rodrick Dustin are incredibly fan fic heavy. They are just so fucking metal and I love it.

  15. Blackfish should be on Kingsguard. I don't know why tf is he not.

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