1. Just downvote this shit, don't even click the articles

  2. Where do they get all these ‘traders’ or ‘analysts’ to interview for all these predictions?

  3. They make them up so that they can writer articles and get views

  4. Total freedom in owning something, right now everything is controlled by big corporations or the government. With blockchain and crypto we can break free and have control.

  5. This post is kind of ridiculous because it assumes that the only reason cryptocurrency exists is to make more fiat...most of the answers are assuming that too.

  6. Considering attention can make you money these days, it's no surprise

  7. We've been having a lot of high-effort commedy posts lately. Wish we had more serious posts like this one either.

  8. Coffeezilla just keeps doing better and better shit. What a guy.

  9. Wait until his posts on Moons or Reddit Avatars. Then you won't like him any more.

  10. I will never forget the line 'i churn butter once or twice'

  11. I swear reading these comments and this subs history Im tempted to throw $100 into Shib coin haha

  12. You're too late for that $100 to be worth anything, but if you're only looking for a small gain then go ahead. All crypto will go up if bitcoin does go up again

  13. The US is obsessed with it's celebritydom

  14. Diablo Immortal is good fun... despite what many people will tell you. It's possible to enjoy the game without feeling the need to pay any money.

  15. 'let's...we should not forget the plank'

  16. TENCHU!! Holy shit, a true forgotten game

  17. We get it, you can generate humans. When is anyone going to do anything interesting with AI generations? This is all so boring now.

  18. Boobs aren't big enough, what were you thinking?

  19. Sorry 😔. Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep that in mind if I ever make another reddit post with AI images!

  20. 'they will promise each other to hold through the bear market'

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