1. I’m so baffled by this whole episode. I hope the reason why comes out sooner or later

  2. At the Singapore GP he said he would start missing some races in the future as he has a five-year old at home and wants to spend more time with him

  3. Can’t wait for the end of the season. It’s getting impossible to get away from all the toxic shit surrounding the sport

  4. So it is a Toto&Co show, why would F1TV show it then? It’ll be on YouTube

  5. It’s not a Toto&Co show, there are other drivers from other teams that will be present. Checo and Albon will be there as well

  6. Honestly I’m looking forward to the end of the season, little break from all this high school drama stuff surrounding F1 will feel great

  7. I think I saw on twitter someone mention that Sky will be broadcasting it live

  8. NFL is king, everything else comes distant second. I’ll be interesting to see if NASCAR beats F1 or not tho

  9. Seriously, you thought there was a possibility this was real?

  10. Toto told them to wait until Monday so he doesn’t have to fly to Japan

  11. Should probably make travel costs exempt from the budget cap...

  12. He’s not talking about the money. He’s talking about all of the traveling and how it takes tool on each member, especially with 24 races coming up next year

  13. Oh yeah I think he might have missed the Turkish GP, or at least I don't remember any camera shots of Toto at that GP.

  14. He attended all of them last year. The only one he missed was Brazilian GP back in 2019

  15. I hope not. Nothing against Lewis but I’m ready for the younger generation to take over

  16. So are you ready for Alonso to step down like 5 years ago?

  17. He and Toto are dating so he’s just going in to visit his girlfriend. Nothing wrong with that

  18. I actually found an old interview of when they started dating, apparently she was struggling to pay rent on a test drivers salary and Toto went full millionaire fantasy on her after meeting her as part of the Williams board and sent her fancy clothes and purses.

  19. Stop making shit up. When they met Susie was driving in the DTM and making enough money to support herself.

  20. People don't realize this but Toto is deep in with the Saudis. Both he and Susie are wheeling and dealing with them all the time. Look it up.

  21. That’s not true. Toto and his first wife divorced couple of years before he even started going out with Susie, which was in 2009.

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