1. I'm not people then I guess.

  2. It's a math joke. The sum of all angles that divide a straight line is 180°. So,

  3. Constant pop culture references. Yeah, I get it, I know what star wars is. It's not a substitute for actual humor.

  4. Especially, when it doesn't naturally fit into the story. Like in the Bone Dungeon, when the MC, who did not come from Earth, calls his coliseum, skeletal fight club. I absolutely love how every time he mentions skeletal fight club he tells us the first rule of skeletal fight club is don't talk about skeletal fight club, and that the second rule of skeletal fight club is don't talk about skeletal fight club. I'm like, I get it, you watched Fight Club and you have no taste.

  5. There is a litRPG series called Dungeon Core Online that uses this exact premise, but with toilet mimics, to hilarious results.

  6. Honestly, find a good accountant, and you should be set for life. If you can invest that $10 million at 1% per year, that would give you $100,000 every year. Which is more than enough money to live on.

  7. Black base, dark blue stripe... because I'm a masochist who enjoys the panic of not being able to find it, I guess.

  8. Black base with a dark red stripe... because I don't want the leviathans to find me, and red stripes make it go faster.

  9. It does work pretty much everywhere else though (saying this as someone from this elsewhere part).

  10. The problem is that we try to ban guns thinking that will solve the problem, instead of addressing the real underlying issues: mental health, poverty, etc...

  11. I think a lot of dudes who don't understand this problem or don't see how their favorite series does it are looking at it example by example instead of seeing the trends.

  12. I've read a bit of several romance light novels marketed to women and I've noticed in those series that the male characters seem to be focused on winning the affections of the female lead. Usually the goals, motivations, actions, etc of the male romance options don't really make a lot of sense, especially from an in universe viewpoint. It's almost like the characters know that they are the male romantic leads in a romance novel for women.

  13. Cubes are definitely one of the easier side collectibles in the series, but the point remains that masks don’t feel like side collectibles, they feel like something that has genuine purpose to find.

  14. Nope. You forgot that SS needs to be completed twice. Once in normal mode and once in hero mode. Source:

  15. Why do people always forget that games with a second quest need to be 100% completed twice to truly complete the game?

  16. Idk why they dont release versions that have the exact same hardware but in different sizes.

  17. Too many SKU's will cause confusion in the market.

  18. If you take the time to separate each term into its base factors, combine all the factors into one fraction, then you can cancel out identical terms I'm the numerator and denominator. And you are left with the answer of 2.

  19. Isn’t that because they use magic to make themselves beautiful? That’s what the book says, Stregobor a male mage by contrast deliberately has the appearance of a mature man to be seen as an elder in the council of mages.

  20. That may be the in-universe reason, but the real reason is that the author wanted an excuse for supermodels to be slobbering over Mr. Mary Sue's third sword.

  21. Listen to So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 1 (Light Novel) by Okina Baba, Tsukasa Kiryu - illustrator on Audible.

  22. Well I already have a mustache, so... mission accomplished.

  23. What a rich man to be able to spend that much money on ammo twice everyday.

  24. Is it available in the Audible Plus library?

  25. Landlords arent the only assholes out there. But they are still, in fact, assholes

  26. I would never want to be a landlord because tenants are awful, and the laws favor the tenants.

  27. That's part of the reason why I try to stay away from "mature" shows. I just don't need or care for gore being in my entertainment, and if I want to see sex then I'll just watch porn. It feels unnecessary, and usually it seems to be a way of covering up bad writing.

  28. Tbh when I first heard of permadeath I was completely frightened to try it, then played blazing sword and tbh permadeath is not too terrible, and restarting some chapters because I messed up is kinda fun, but I might just be a masochist

  29. It makes your mistakes much more impactful.

  30. Animal Crossing. As much as I love Stardew Valley, I don't want to play a game on its schedule.

  31. I'd say it's closer to josei than shojo but it's a pretty even split

  32. They said 99999 hours... I feel like I'm taking crazy pills did OP edit their comment??

  33. I feel like they were exaggerating for comedic effect. The only person I heard about having an issue with RDR2 and Stadia closing had about 6,000 hours.

  34. Laughs in osrs where players are hitting 11 hours a day on average over 6 years.

  35. Honestly, I am impressed and a little jealous of people that have that kind of dedication to one game. I have a hard time putting 20 hours into a game, much less thousands of hours.

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