1. Well it’s easier if they hold each other’s bladders

  2. Is the solid giving Alex Riley and Funkasaurus work in 2022, or letting the night shift from the local GameStop wrestle them?

  3. Star Wars purists are just as annoying as the Disney Star Wars fanboys.

  4. Kubalik is such a great surprise. I hope he stays with the Wings for a while

  5. FTP. Also A A Ron looked dead after that sack. The bad news is that JLove looks like he can sling the ball and I swear I’d lose my shit if the pack gets a 3rd straight HoF QB.

  6. I said the same thing. If the fucking Packers have fallen ass backwards into yet another generational talent at QB I’m done worrying about karma because it obviously doesn’t exist

  7. Do we know if the police were called or did they just show up?

  8. I’m really surprised you can say all of that so clearly when you’re deepthroating a boot

  9. Yes, because confrontation works so much better without communication. Im surprised you could read the words, tap out a reply and still miss the entire point….

  10. I know you think you’re smart and clever but there’s not a single original thought bouncing around in your head. It doesn’t matter how much propaganda you recite, those pigs will never care about you

  11. He’s got the lucrative Beyblade endorsement. That man is going places!

  12. It takes a special person to look at our defense and decide 2 tight ends is what the team needs

  13. How did the guy from The Flaming Lips get roped into hosting this?

  14. They sing a lot about toxic masculinity so of course this sub isn’t going to like them

  15. 38 plus 38 plus 24 equals 100 so we’re definitely making the playoffs this year

  16. That dog definitely knows how to disrespect his surroundings

  17. Do you really think you’re the first person to say this? If I had a dollar for every moral victory this team had during my lifetime I wouldn’t ever have to work again

  18. Nothing from Brutalism? Nevertheless all great tracks

  19. Honestly I wanted to put Slow Savage on there, but I wanted some newer songs because they’ve grown so much since that first album

  20. Your defensive line is blowing through them like your fans do with personal protection orders

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