Arizona Man Brutalized During Arrest After Firing At Officers

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  1. Urban artifact. They make fruit beers that are delicious.

  2. What I want to know is why they're saying black Market bud is being laced with fentanyl?!

  3. Ive been preaching the same thing especially after I lost a car after 2 months because a 70 year old woman ran through a stop sign (then stopped in the middle lane, I swerved to avoid literally killing her) while I was on a highway. Her insurance spoke to me and even asked if I was on any prescription drugs or anything for that matter. I clapped back with “Well your client is 70 so why dont you ask her? Shes probably on 10 different meds I missed a whole day of work and lost my car because shes too old to drive”. Sorry for my mini story not all older people are bad drivers but its a thought Ive had for awhile to reevaluate.

  4. In 2017 I had my dream car and it was parked outside my house. I looked out the window as an 87 year old man hit it and flipped his suv. He told the police there was a car coming at him and he swerved to miss it. I was parked 20-30 ft from a stop sign and he wasn't even trying to stop. Dealing with his insurance was a nightmare. I later found out he broke a rib and his family took his license.

  5. When I had my iPhone I set up a routine that would search for whatever movie I told siri to.

  6. If they're going to have these old people checking receipts at least teach them what they're looking for. I've had people not able to find things on mine that were the first item.

  7. About 120 in my 2012 wrx stock 145 in my 08 sti tuned with an cold air intake.

  8. Yup, that's the Ohio experience (minus the meth labs). Near me is the largest wooden horse and buggy. There's random little shops, most of which don't sell anything better than gas station quality items.

  9. Weird how ohio has a lot of the largest things. I have the largest horseshoe crab near me.

  10. I paid 23k for mine in 2017, it didn't have air suspension.

  11. Definitely hire your own inspector. The one my realtor recommended said everything looked good and said the a/c was in working order. When it came time to turn it on I found 2 copper pipes where the fuses should have been. As well as all kinds of other issues.

  12. I probably would if I wasn't working. Love me some rumpke!

  13. Something I learned from a trucker. Honk your horn a few times, and slow down the best you can. It should scare most in your way.

  14. I've been doing this for the last couple years. Always seems to scare them off.

  15. My girlfriend and I tripped when she was pregnant but we didn't know. She was sick the whole trip that's when she knew something was up, took a test the next day and found out she was pregnant. That was 4 years ago the kid is fine no problems that we know of.

  16. If you have some corn starch mix some with a little water and make an oobleck then you can start mixing in food coloring.

  17. i like the way you think, lil trippy science experiments sound so cool

  18. Never seen a glass rig so small before

  19. Mourning a bit today after insurance deemed my STI Hatch a total loss. Had what I thought was a small fender bender with another GR hatch, but it actually bent the frame. Just a little... but enough.

  20. I feel your pain, I had the same one and an 87 year old dude hit it while it was parked on my street. Completely totaled it. ( ・_ゝ・)

  21. Thanks for the explanation I read that and kinda thought that was the case, just weird I ve never had a thc % above 2% and the rest THCa this being over 6% thc seemed a little odd.

  22. What I kinda thought was odd is the thca is lower than the total thc. Everything I've seen or had the thca has always been higher. But I've also never seen the thc that high. But thc is 87.7% the molecular weight of thca. Plus some of the thc will probably degrade into cbn. I'm pretty sure the formula they use for total thc is (.877 X %thca)+%thc. So for this it would really be 22.2906%

  23. I bought my handgun while I had my card and I carry it almost every day. Unless I have my meds on me.

  24. I dont know. I'm really dubious that she hit her face. I feel like at that speed, the train would have removed skin/parts. Also her arm and shoulder would have been struck as well and I'm not seeing it. I've seen a bunch of videos over the years of people getting hit by trains and there is always gore.

  25. I bet it was the wind from the other one knocking her off balance.

  26. Say kids, ya wouldn't happen to have a cup of warm water would ya?

  27. I like how he's yelling "where's the gun" and the camera person pans over to it on the counter directly behind the cop. Classic

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