1. All of the refueling mechanism showed here is done with timers.

  2. I've got a working setup using your script, thank you so much for making this! The launch delay timers, the spiral... it's all quite awesome.

  3. Maybe a few versions/years ago. Nowadays almost nothing science related requires gears (Literally only red and green science, engines and radars need them). For every 1 gear belt that goes into science you need about 30 iron plate belts.

  4. De-centralizing gears is bad advice for new players.

  5. Ever notice that if you cut an apple in half and eat the half, you only have half an apple left? Crazy huh

  6. The only downside to bussing gears is that it costs one bus lane.

  7. what's the main thing to understand about lane balancers? I'm new to the game and though I understand the reason why I need it, I've been copy pasting the LR splitter from the wiki because I don't really understand how to make my main bus balanced if e. g. I take a resource from one of the lane.

  8. You've gotten wrong or misleading replies so far... so here's my 2 cents

  9. Do people actually use trains? They are really cool to set up and play around with on Sandbox, but it kinda seems like belts are just better.

  10. Surely you're joking? I have to fight people to NOT use trains for everything in multiplayer.

  11. You can achieve this very easily with train limits. You will need 1 waiting depot per train type. One for iron, one for copper, etc, placed wherever you like.

  12. Dynamic train limits solve all the problems of a typical many to many system, or solve them good enough.

  13. I'm struggling to find patches over about 12 million, is that normal?

  14. Yes. SE modifies ore generation to reduce the ramp up of richness compared to vanilla settings. 12M is a very rare patch.

  15. Can you see map settings for a currently running game? I have some 15-19M patches and don't know if I bumped settings or what.

  16. I eventually offworld pretty much everything except rocket fuel production. This depends on a little luck with your solar system; some worlds are much easier to colonize than others.

  17. That is pretty much up to your Gm how he resolves combats.

  18. I thought the shield push would also be the same opposed test, so if I lost the roll that would not have any affect

  19. RAW, there are two different effects with their own conditions separated between either … or…. The push effect has no other condition excerpt the main one to spend 2 Advantage. The shield attack had both: spend 2 Advantage and can only be used if the opposed test was won by the defender with the shield as discussed above.

  20. Meteors don't add enough to the game to justify the absolute mess they make of the landscape

  21. What’s wrong with Ubisoft? Yeah they made some missteps in the 2010s but like overall their games are good for what they are. If you hate a game, it might be because it doesn’t suit your play style and not because it is objectively bad

  22. Too many duds for me, games that are not actually fun to play.

  23. Make sure food export is set to like 50 for each sector. Don't set a sector to zero, this seems to shut off exporting rather than exporting everything like you might expect. Food stored in mess halls likely doesn't count, which is good.

  24. There has to be some combination of settings that will make it work as intended. Otherwise it won't work for me anytime I want to prioritize a particular ingot to build stuff if it puts all the others first.

  25. Do you have a mod that affects stone? Some can break IIM prioritization according to the IIM guide.

  26. I do too, but they need some love. It's too hard to see what's connected to what, especially when you have wires going perfectly vertically.

  27. Agreed... even reviewing something you built yourself can be tricky

  28. What is the recommended mod for inserting modules remotely? Like in SE on other surfaces.

  29. SE/K2. I have some ships that use a beam receiver as it's power source, but it has to stay put at home base for awhile in order to get hot. If I want to automate it, is there any clever way to program the launch conditions so that it won't launch until it gets hot enough? You can't connect a wire to read the heat directly.

  30. I'd try a minimum wait timer. Most ship automation operates off of a few deciders checking fuel and cargo, that then send a ready signal. This would just be one more ready check condition.

  31. Luckily we have math. It's even in the tutorial page

  32. It's always done that so I don't think it's fixable without a heavy rewrite in how the mod works. My understanding is that when you enable or disable the jetpack your avatar is replaced with a new one that has the flying properties. Because of that you get a new ID and any bots in transit will have to re-register against the new avatar.

  33. Cool info! Some things I've noticed, biters will lose aggro for a moment when you switch to/from JP. You also lose any recipe you've copied into your buffer.

  34. But I'm telling it to carry the input amount. If there is a stone signal then output A with the Imput amount. Is that not right?

  35. I had the opposite experience; I started out skipping nuke entirely. Now I skip solar.

  36. What do you mean by "costs double"? Basic resources?

  37. Yeah, around 2x basic materials and 3x the crude oil

  38. I've seen pics enough where the percents don't match what the percentage should be. Like on $20, 20% would be at $6.

  39. I had this happen to me just a week ago, took me a moment of staring at the receipt to figure out why.

  40. That sounds reasonable though. Tipping based on the pre-discounted price because the employees still do the same amount of work.

  41. With a real coupon or gift card I agree 100%.

  42. On Pertam we prefer wind power. On earth it's usually solar, haven't done a mars start

  43. On Earthlike Wind turbines are objectively better. Solar doesn’t work 50% of the day, and has an overall lower cost.

  44. Does that mean wind is better on pretty much everything with an atmosphere?

  45. Incredible. I think I would pack up and find a new solar system before fighting against this

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