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  1. Bonus points for perfectly covering his penis with the vape

  2. time to start kampf, engvall, gio in OT now

  3. Engvall shouldn’t even start the game. Let alone OT

  4. Our whiskey is shit. Everyone thinks they are being clever and unique by flavoring it with maple syrup.

  5. Pretty good? Maybe for cooking, not for drinking

  6. It’s shit wine for $20-$50. You can get a far better Spanish wine for less than $10

  7. The flapper in a toilet takes 15-20 minutes to change. Where are you getting 3hrs from?

  8. Most companies charge minimum hours for labour. Regardless of the job or size. In fact, it’s the law to pay your employees a minimum of 3 or 4 hours. If you live 30-40 min from a plumber (quite possible in rural Ontario) then that’s already 1-2 hours just in travel time. Plus diagnosing and actual repair time… 3 hours is easily met

  9. Best /North American/ airline is a low bar to get over. They might as well call it “least shitty”

  10. It’s both better and worse than i thought

  11. Thanks, as I have never been to that arena, what would you recommend?

  12. I’ve been at the very top row in the 300’s and it’s actually more fun than the 100’s. There’s actual fans up there and it’s loud.

  13. Almost like we should pay some sort do that

  14. No need. Just put cameras up, send the tickets via mail.

  15. To be fair, if i lived on a Greek island, i probably would use the internet far far less

  16. Ok, so lobby for increased Via service. You do realize Belleville to Toronto Downtown is almost 200 km.?

  17. So? There’s a train that travels Zurich to Geneva in Switzerland that leaves every hour Monday to Friday. That’s even further.

  18. Population of Zurich. 403,000. Geneva area 600,000 Population of Belleville 51,000. I can’t believe you are seriously trying to draw parallels. And to think this discussion began by you wanting Go Rail service between Hamilton & Toronto yet it already exists. But To run a GTA commuter srv. to run out to Belleville. Sheesh..! BTW, I routinely take the VIA regularly from Ottawa to Toronto

  19. Fine, then use Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Same theory applies. Still only 2 via rails trains a day

  20. This website/app always has problems on fridays. Could be their servers aren’t powerful enough to handle the traffic of last minute weekend trip bookings?

  21. The bridal path. It’s winter, non of them are home

  22. If there were traffics cones, that makes this 100x funnier

  23. What a dumb thing to say. So the only people who should be allowed to rent properties are the government?

  24. You’re missing the point, more people would be able to afford to buy a home if people and companies weren’t hoarding them all

  25. Yes, it’s worked out soooo well for society

  26. The only spotter is the guy with the camera.

  27. Here in the UK, we like to put a new prime minister in charge every few weeks. It gives everyone a chance to lead the country for a bit

  28. It’s true. I don’t think many people know that the founder (and his brother who founded Puma) was a member of the Nazi party.

  29. Literally in the Name: Adolf “Adi” Dassler.

  30. They do! They’ve single-handedly turned Bell & Rogers into multi billion dollar companies

  31. A lot of jobs have a 6 months probationary period, this assfuck got a six figure salary after 6 weeks of fucking up.

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