1. Jelly Rancher from Buckeye is pretty excellent hybrid that cleans indica. Dusted with keif. 🥵

  2. I set my mini nail around 460 for delta shift and around 490 for literally anything else. I have a quartz banger and it retains a lot of heat. I still get a huge amount of vapor with diamonds and sauce even at 490. After it’s not hitting, I just clean the dish with a qtip dipped in isopropyl alcohol and it’s good to go for the next round.

  3. I ended up going with 530 I'm going to try some lower temps soon.

  4. All my homies really like the titanium. I’ve always been a quartz fan. I’ve heard the titanium is easier to clean and heats up/cools down faster.

  5. Dispensaries will give a refund/exchange on a defective cart. If they don’t, they’re being buttholes.

  6. Hey so I know this an old post but I am once again debating getting these capsules lol… would you say they are nice for back pain? Or should I get regular thc pills or 1:1? Sorry for a million questions…lol

  7. I would recommend these for anything. They are all encompassing. If you’re having a lot of pain and these don’t help, I would move up to RSO.

  8. That’ll one million dollars, please. 🤣 Beautiful haul.

  9. $300 for less than an ounce of top shelf (minus rythm) after a discount hurts me for you, but sometimes it’s just nice to treat ourselves. I wanna know what your favorite is after you’ve tried them all!

  10. 1906 Love Drops and anything with high amounts of Limonene/low myrcene

  11. Came here to reccomend the Love Drops, though I haven't tried them. I just tried the Chill Drops last night and I enjoyed them. Felt like it was mainly the CBD that effected me (they are only 5mg THC) along with relief from a headache which could've been the willow bark too. The reviews I've seen on Love Drops seem to be mostly positive.

  12. They’re very heart opening and can be arousing. Increases blood flow, lubrication and sensitivity. Get after it, my friend!

  13. Amplify on Coventry in CLE will show you any jar you want to see prior to purchase. In fact, if you tell them that as soon as you walk in, they’ll sit you down at the registers and bring you as many jars as you need. You can take your time and not feel pressured to make an uniformed decision. I do it all the time and the budtenders are so knowledgeable, it’s really helpful.

  14. It seems like Cleveland definitely has a leg up when it comes to these issues than Columbus. What you described is what I thought it would be like visiting a dispensary when I first got my card. It's definitely not though. Not that I've found in Columbus at least. There's some bud tenders that will take the time and have the knowledge to do this, but they are the minority. You're the second person that has said it works like this in Cleveland. You'd think it would be the same driving 2 hrs but no...

  15. That’s really unfortunate. Buckeye Relief is opening a second Amplify in Columbus. They should be up and running by New Years and you can expect the same quality of service from that staff. 😏

  16. I love the delta shift from BR. I throw a little knob into my mini nail around 450degrees and I’m off. Super flavorful. Incredible effects. Highly rec, but definitely meant for low temps with all the already activated THC.

  17. Same! I tend to do around the same temp or a little lower on my mini nail for delta shift. Around 490 for other extracts.

  18. My favorite botanical luster pods/510 carts are from BR. The summer lemon tastes like lemon head candy. The cucumber lime was really nice too.

  19. Garlic Breath 2.0 is another heavy hitting indica from BR. Lights out.

  20. Oooof, yeah, not enough myrcene in there to combat the other sativa terps. Have you tried Koko? Its great for pain.

  21. Using plant medicine for their intended medicinal value based on what the plant is capable of providing…novel idea, right? Hahahaha, always nice to talk shop with someone reasonable.

  22. I believe this is their premium/partnered line, but they are the ones growing it. So more of a special item drop I've never seen it in person.

  23. You aren’t that far from Amplify in Cleveland! They’re always stocked with all Willie’s flower. And on Wednesdays, it’s typically 20% off.

  24. Try the schrom x lime sherbert Airo cart. It’s incredible.

  25. They’re fucking incredible, honestly. The Schromulan x Lime Sherbet is my current favorite. Absolutely drool worthy.

  26. Smells like sour blue diesel X pineapple upside-down cake!!! Smell not AS strong as SBD or PUDC, but very sweet - sour candy/coconut and gas. Great dry/cure. Effects are heart opening and uplifting. No anxiety despite all that delicious terpinolene. Would make a great wake and bake.

  27. Absolutely love it. Smells and tastes like sour blue diesel X Pineapple upside-down cake. Heart opening. Nice wake and bake strain.

  28. I got some of this too because of the high terpinolene. This smells like a combo of sour blue diesel and pineapple upside-down cake. Was very impressed! Great review.

  29. Yeah, it’s not peppery at all. It tastes like Sweet-tarts candy to me.

  30. Looks great. I get buckeye sneak peeks and they are small nugs and super dry and look unimpressive. I had some strawberry and cream and it looked nothing like the pics I saw here. That looks freaking great though

  31. Why don’t you ask to see a few different jars before you purchase? That’s a reasonable request. I like big nugs that don’t move around a lot in a jar, but not a HUGE stem, so I’ll ask to see a handful of jars so I can pick the one I like best. It’s your medication, bro. Handpick it.

  32. Idk why people down voted you for this like your just preaching the truth. People get so butthurt I swear. I usually do this same thing because I'm paying for it so I should at least get a say in which one I buy and its my meds you know? But Keep on keeping on my friend.

  33. Would you let someone pick your produce? Don’t you like your bananas a certain way? I will always handpick my jars if allowed the option. Downvote all they want. Thanks for agreeing, bro.

  34. Nice, the flower is very nice so I’m glad to see their extract is on par.

  35. I almost cried the first time I used the mini-mail. I’m not one to spend a lot of money on accessories, but I’m a daily dabber. This has changed the game for me. Especially with a product like delta shift which is meant for low temps. Set it to 460 and get full flavor and big clouds with minimal cough (unless the terp is specific as an expectorant). Turn it up to 480-490 for the diamonds and sauce and get stupid. BR extracts have been my go-to, honestly. Amplify always has them for a great deal, especially on Wednesdays.

  36. How’s the flavor on this one? Love both of these strains.

  37. I have a problem with the jar tho. It kept getting harder and harder to open until I eventually cleaned the threads with iso and now I can't open it at all. Support is working with me to resolve it now!

  38. Support at BR will send you a Venmo payment if the jar lid won’t open. Just transfer the concentrate into another jar or just rest the lid on it and keep it in the box, but still get your money back. That’s their policy with lids while they’re fixing this production problem.

  39. Schromulan, Sour Blue Diesel and Straight Sauce if you like terpinolene/ocimene.

  40. Buckeye Relief has some incredibly high quality concentrates and if you buy them from Amplify on a Wednesday, you can typically save a ton of money. Examples of good deals in the past: 1.5gm Diamonds and Sauce for $70, 0.84gm Live Resin Delta Shift for $40, 1.5gm Cured Wax for $60 - sorry about your breakup. I hope you find some solid deals to help you through the grief.

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