1. If you plan to advertise on Amazon make sure you understand how they flag covers as inappropriate. Off the top of my head, thinking about what people couldn't advertise last time I did Bryan Cohen's Amazon Ad Course: nipples (male or female) are a no, anything with a bed (even feet sticking out from under the covers) is a no, hands in the waistband of pants are a no. Anything with a woman and a giant octopus/squid is a no (I'm dead serious about that one).

  2. Happy to help. I learned the hard way. I clicked that little box that said 18+ thinking I wouldn't want my kids (who were teenagers) reading my content. Despite unclicking it and spending about a week going back and forth with Amazon, two years down the road I still can't advertise that book.

  3. They could be contracted by the government do build anything technical. Space craft, green energy, etc. doesnt have to be bombs my dude. We need a lot of technology and manufacturing going forward

  4. My point really is that people have lofty ideas about how things should be done, and while it seems great on the surface, those ideas have real world consequences to regular people just trying to put food on their table.

  5. Understandable. It would need to be a transition process to move away from being just a war machine

  6. I appreciate your willingness to see another side of this. It's so easy to get caught up in ideas, but never see the unintended consequences to real people

  7. Southington is smuggling in Silly String because they just can't help themselves

  8. The answer you already got is spot on. I wanted to add that it isn't a quality control issue as much as something that's inherent to printing of any kind. I've been a professional photographer for 25+ years and this is how we work in photography, too.

  9. Do you have an example of what you mean? Something like

  10. That's sort of what I was thinking. My covers are all wrap arounds, but I modified one and did a quick mock up to show you what I meant.

  11. I'm kind of shocked Disney hasn't sued you. They're notorious for fiercely protecting their IP and saying someone was murdered there could be considered a poor reflection on them. They failed to keep their guests safe.

  12. It's legal, it's harmless, the remedy is no action, next week it's gone. These guys are daft. More money then sense

  13. It could be illegal depending on your location. Some municipalities consider it stealing, as you did not pay for the can or the use of it, and you most likely had to access private property to get to it (unless your can is literally in the street).

  14. Splitting your saga into three parts is a smart sales move. For ebooks, I'd do something along the lines of book one for $.99 to get you hooked, book 2 for $4.99 because you're into the story and willing to pay a bit more, and book 3 for $9.99, because at that point you're invested and there's no way you're not going to finish. This has the added benefit of allowing you to charge a total of $15.97 for the entire story, as opposed to $9.99 (because that's the most you can charge for an ebook). That may not seem like a big deal, but if you sell 1000 books it's an extra $5980.00.

  15. are you sure it's getting burned? Food waste is incredibly wet and would be absolutely terrible for burning.

  16. I use my real name because I want to be able to easily promote myself to people I know in real life, because I am part of a community that thrives on supporting each other. It's not just a local thing- we're literally everywhere.

  17. Using your real name to easily promote yourself in real life, does sound like a good idea. With me wanting to publish gay romance, I'm not sure if I want my full real name plastered over the internet with my books, as one side of my family doesn't know I am gay and I am not sure of what their reaction would be like. Also, as much I would like to be a full time author from now until retirement, I don't if that will happen. So I may need to apply for jobs im the future and managers/companies make look me up and see that I publish gay romance and that may go against me.

  18. Under those circumstances, I'd definitely go with a pen name. Good luck!!! I hope everything works out for you!

  19. Join a good critique group. You can find plenty online with a little searching, or you can check with your local library to see if they know about any in person ones.

  20. This has the added benefit of you having to read others' work. I found that was the single most helpful thing in learning to be a better writer

  21. I just recently self published on kindle direct last month. I wish they’d have had a disclaimer about their exclusivity clause up front. There’s nothing saying Amazon has exclusive rights to your work for 90 days, I read all of the terms and conditions before doing it. Then I get an email saying I can’t publish on any other platform for 90 days or they’ll remove my book from their website.

  22. This is specific to Kindle Unlimited, and you definitely have to sign an agreement stating that your ebook will be exclusive to KU.

  23. I wish I'd known that clicking the 18+ content box means you can't advertise your book on Amazon, and that no one clicks that box regardless of what's in their book.

  24. I honestly feel like it’s the opposite. Most republicans I know are afraid that people will know they are, so they don’t post yard signs or speak up in public/online. Most democrats I know are considerably more vocal for their values or disapproval of competing values. This is coming from an independent, who doesn’t hear or see much from other independents locally. Just my observations over the past few years.

  25. Maybe it has to do with where you live? CT has some very blue areas, and some red ones. I happen to be the opposite of the direction my town tends to vote and I keep it real quiet. I can't risk losing clients over politics and I have no doubt a lot of the people I know would stop talking to me if they knew. So if you're in a place where there are more Democrats, the people around you would probably feel more comfortable being open about it, and the Republicans probably don't want to admit it publicly (obviously I'm not talking about people who drank the Kool-Aid on either side. They seem to get off on people hating them)

  26. No worries, I was struggling to describe them without sounding dump. They’re literally chains that hang and clank against the top of the vehicle if it’s too tall. Pretty loud, but I guess doesn’t cause damage

  27. Kind of like the big yellow bars they have at the drive thru at a fast food restaurant. Really hard to ignore them if they hit the top of your truck.

  28. You must be very young. In 1993 my oldest kid was 1. Now, in 2022, my youngest kid is 16. I'm certainly old enough to have been passing out candy in 1993, and most definitely not dead yet. I'm not even old enough to be eligible for AARP.

  29. Just bought a 2022 CX-5, and it's got sensors and "lane correction" built in. I can turn them off, but they turn themselves back on every time I turn the car on. I 100% agree that it's making people complacent... if you need sensors and alarms to drive safely, you shouldn't be driving at all.

  30. Idk what backup you've used but mine has quite a surprising wide view. Probably around 150° total. I still look back because that's how I've been driving for 20 years and I'm not used to the camera.

  31. I've never used a backup camera. I drive a 1999 Honda Odyssey. The fanciest options it has are power windows and locks. My old boss, who is the driver my story was about, drove an Accura. IDK what kind, as it wasn't part of my job to know what he drove. It was my job to write the check for the window he smashed when he backed into a tree branch.

  32. You will not be able to advertise on Amazon if you click that box.

  33. I don't know if putting a trigger warning at the front will have an effect, but I do know that if you click the box that asks if your book contains adult content you will not be able to advertise on Amazon. You can still list it and sell it, but you can not utilize Amazon Ads.

  34. Well, you’d think after the first incident the property owner would have bollards installed.

  35. Or they could just put a bullseye on it, like they did at Hop Haus in Southington (Plantsville) after the 4th car in 3 years hit the same spot.

  36. No they’re just squeezing the gap on the middle class.

  37. Honestly, middle class in Fairfield county is a dual six figure income and living frugally.

  38. I guess I now understand why I can't buy that fancy new electric car, even with the rebate

  39. I am a professional photographer and in my studio I offer custom graphics. I design wedding albums, greeting cards, and graphics for sports teams. In other words, for more than two decades I've lived graphics.

  40. I'm indie, but what I hear from my traditionally published writer friends is that if you're going to try for Harlequin, make sure you read the rules for your category and stick to them exactly.

  41. Thank you for your input! Now that I think about it, it would be kinda better to give it a reason for adultery, just to give the audience something to at least connect the woman with.

  42. I’d prefer Methany in that situation

  43. Funny thing is, Beth is actually short for Bethany (most people assume Elizabeth, but it's not)

  44. My name is Beth. You know how many times people put Bath? Because how many people do you know named Bath???

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