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  1. Take it up with their employer first, if they aren't stand alone. Chances are the medical officer will not take it as kindly as the medical board will.

  2. Board first. Both at the same time if you like, but the board absolutely needs to know.

  3. I didn’t like the name until I realized it was supposed to be read out as “they slash them”, and now it’s gotta be one of my favourite movie titles (I’ve got a thing for bad puns lol)

  4. Oh god I hate that. Slashes aren't pronounced. They indicate that two words are supposed to take the same spot, and if you read it out loud you should say them as one word.

  5. What does he think she did? Use one of her breast implants as a crystal ball?

  6. Robert Williams didn't go against Federal agents, but fought off local/county police, the Klan, and local racists. His book Negroes with Guns covers the subject. Another good book is

  7. What's he going to claim? That thousands of random people are harassing him on the internet?

  8. I would actuly want to see that disney movie, just because I want to see what kind of song they give the gun.

  9. It's official everyone, people have completely forgot about Mulan smh.

  10. Viola Davis' contract says she is credited first. No one else's name can come before hers.

  11. One gaping pumpkin is exactly one too many gaping pumpkins. But now that reddit is involved we're all sure to see hundreds more. Oh, my aching sphincter.

  12. Since when does 50 Shades of Grey condone rape? Depicting a thing in fiction is not the same as endorsing it.

  13. You think shooting someone in a recruitment office is going to make things better?

  14. Violence is the last recourse against oppressors. What options to the Russians have? What's the alternative?

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