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  1. Honestly how is that possible, how can anyone watch 3 movies in one day ? Are you doing other stuff while you're "watching"?

  2. Yes! I wish I had the time to watch 2 movies every day....but unfortunately, there's this thing called "life"

  3. It is a welcome development if folks on the right start to question, "Is the current economic order is viable and sustainable?"....but not always, because many of them instead fall into right-wing accelerationism or fascism.

  4. This traditional Scottish tune was also recorded by The Pentangle in 1972, with different lyrics, as "Willy O'Winsbury"

  5. One of the best from the Great Quartet. This one, Nefertiti, and Filles de Kilimanjaro....unbeatable.

  6. I had trouble taking anything this guy said seriously before, but when some other Redditor called him "adult Caillou," now I just can't even.

  7. It's a super-complicated question: are Japanese films misogynist or feminist? It may be that Japanese culture and history are so unique, that the question is almost unanswerable in those terms.

  8. The Fillmore ticket was for Santana and Humble Pie, iirc. We went to one other show there in 1970 I think, Steve Miller, Neil Young and Miles Davis.

  9. Miles Davis at Fillmore East in 1970? Daaaaaaaaaamn....I would literally give my left nut to have seen that

  10. Your opinions will just sound like some guy's opinions...unless you are able to put the film into a context. How is the film related to other films? What is it similar to / different from, and why? What strategies or techniques is the director using to achieve the film's effect? What is working well / not working well, and why? How are the performances, the cinematography, the editing, the sound?

  11. If you're watching films with their context front of mind you're doing something other than experiencing it for what it is. You'd be just as well off reading a detailed description, especially if that text had cross-references to all the techniques and schools that have come before or since. If your end goal is to impress at a dinner party or, more likely, on an online forum, then glibly invoking film history or this or that pedantic critique is a fine strategy. But you're depriving yourself of the opportunity to actually be impacted by the work. To quote the late Peter Schjedahl: "Good art happens to us in ways that knock us out of our educations. Good art evicts intelligence from its left-brain command centre into other parts of the brain, and of the body. It does this by some or another touch or twist of beauty, which can’t be conceptualized but only undergone, like a beneficent seizure."

  12. Agreed, a strong reaction to a film is necessary. But, why are you so sure that having a knowledge of cinema means that you can't truly experience films emotionally anymore? I think, learning more enriches the emotional experience of films. It's not an either/or thing.

  13. There’s the absolute masterpiece Mulholland Dr (2001) which is arguably the greatest American film ever made

  14. Movies don't just materialize out of a creative person's brain. Commercial mainstream releases require multi-million dollar budgets, loaned by a multinational corporation, and hundreds (or thousands) of laborers working for months or years on the project. Funding is often supported by partnerships with other multi-national corporations. The relationship between government and the media industry is a total can of worms (just one example: in every episode of the hit TV series "24 Hours", the hero had to torture a brown person to save the world, and it worked! This was during the Bush Presidency, when the US was engaging in torture in Iraq, and the show creators had meetings with the Bush Administration.)

  15. I just love the name of the group, it's like the most LSD-influenced band name ever. "We're....Listening, man."

  16. This reminds me of a random anecdote: a livesound guy I knew had a day job selling music gear. A customer came to buy a PA system for a reggae/dub club.

  17. He’s had a litany of shittakes. I thought he was pretty cool after Bully beatdown but then he used social media to tell people who he was

  18. Lettrboxd should limit 'lists' to 250 entries maximum. And create a new category called 'Compendiums' or 'Filmographies'....and move all the mega-lists over there.

  19. Maybe I haven't seen the good ones...but it seems like it's an idea that usually sounds better than the actual results.

  20. The word you're looking for is 'Anthology' - specifically, they're 'portmanteau films' if the films in the anthology are thematically related to each other.

  21. Nice ! I love these guys on their early way-out records...the later stuff, less so

  22. Rabbit's tone just makes me melt, it's so gorgeous. (And I don't even like the alto that much...!)

  23. Thought experiment: would this scenario have played out the same way, if Mr. Feinman had been a Black man?

  24. Haven't listened to your tracks, but "lifeless tracks" usually mean "overworked tracks". Sometimes it's best to work fast and let things be slightly funky...because: overthinking things is the surest way to kill any magic.

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