1. Why would I want to scan a barcode in the supermarket for something else than the checkout? Or let me put it differently: the gain is too small for the extra effort that it requires from a customer. Partnership with a supermarket and make it a self-service checkout app with eco-friendliness meter included and it becomes valuable. But that is a whole different app idea.

  2. Some people care more about it than others, I'd have no issue scanning products personally. Picking it up scanning it and seeing a rating on the screen would be a less than 5 second action. Partnering with supermarkets means you'd have to have a lot of different apps for the different supermarkets you may go to. I also think if it were just an add on to another app it would lose some of its intention and definitely wouldn't be as in depth as a stand alone app.

  3. I completely agree with your reply. I've had multiple third party apps that helped me in while shopping. None of them stayed there more than a month though. Of course this is just N=1. I have no analytics on this, only my instincts of 10 years Tech Product Management. Never created an app like this so I might be completely wrong here.

  4. That's fair, I have absolutely no understanding of app development. I'm just hoping someone with the resources to do this may stumble upon this post one day ahaha.

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