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  1. Thank you :) Lesson learned the hard way. Engaged once to somebody who was mad about how much it cost. Married to somebody else... $50 ring. Greatest investment of my entire life. 7 years later.

  2. I have no idea how much my engagement ring cost, and I didn't ask. What's important is it looks cool and I love my fiance. I can't imagine being upset if it was "cheap"

  3. Anyone else’s lower back get sore/achy/painful from simply loading up the deadlift bar?

  4. This is definitely not normal. If your lower back is in that bad a shape, deadlifting sounds like it's just asking for a bulging disc

  5. So, in your opinion, trans man who is into males only is gay or straight?

  6. A trans man is a man. Men who are attracted to men are gay. Therefore a trans man that is attracted to men is a gay man. It's not that complicated.

  7. Technically, sexual orentations describe the relations between biological sexes, not genders, as the term "sexual orientation" should imply. It's a way to make this terminology stable, as biological sex can not be changed.

  8. What? No, I never said anything about who gay men should be attracted to. That's none of my business, anybody can be attracted to whoever they want (assuming they are of legal age). I'm not attracted to every gay man, and I'm willing to bet that you aren't either

  9. Why is everyone posting swimming pictures when my gym's pool is closed due to a burst pipe?

  10. Anything farther apart than 1st cousins I wouldn't even bat an eye

  11. I like to approach questions like this historically. Take royal genealogies as an example. William and Mary for whom the university is named? First cousins. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert? First cousins. Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were cousins both descended from Victoria & Albert.

  12. Royal families also had high incidence of genetic diseases like hemophilia, so...

  13. For challenges you'll probably be swapping gear around a lot anyway. What you really need is:

  14. I'm the youngest of eight, so there was pretty much no viable option for my mom not to stay at home

  15. Hello, I am 280lbs, 5”11, 40% body fat, 28 male, and I’ve progressed to 350lbs on leg press for 3 sets of 12 reps. I am wondering if it is dangerous for obese people’s knees to do leg press at this weight?

  16. I don't see how it would be any worse on an obese person's knees. The reason that obese people are not supposed to run is that all of their body weight is pounding on their knees. In lifting there's no actual impact, it's more of a strain. So if you're not trying to push crazy weights and you make sure that your form is fine, it shouldn't be any worse than any other lifter.

  17. The problem is that you are comparing yourself to “Thor” who is paid to look that way. Not all actors retain their physics after they are done shooting a movie. I would also avoid comparing yourself to any instamodels or OF guys. Again… they make money from their looks.

  18. Hell, Hemsworth is an admitted fitness junkie and even he said that he was pretty miserable getting in shape for Love and Thunder

  19. Maybe I'm weird but I fucking love working out. The body is just an added bonus. I think people need to find what physical activity they enjoy and focus on that, rather than thinking of it as a task that they need to complete in order to achieve a certain body

  20. Yeah, it was on a river. But I always pictured it being on the sea, which it turns out it wasn't

  21. Wait, are there harbors on rivers? I don’t know the rules for these sorts of things.

  22. According to national geographic "A harbor is a body of water sheltered by natural or artificial barriers." So I guess you could have a harbor off a river, but I think usually they're on a coastline

  23. My previous cat had to take 3 different meds each day (he bad a heart condition). One of them he wasn't bothered by but had to be put in something yummy to motivate him, one he hated and if he tasted it would drool for hours and would not swallow it at all. The third he would happily eat like a treat!

  24. I think I know the one you're talking about, it's the blood thinner, I think. I got around that by buying empty pill capsules and stuffing the pill in there before giving it to him. It prevents them from tasting the pill before swallowing it

  25. My last two awakened were both 150/150 pity, so I definitely know the feeling

  26. Where’s…the misogyny?

  27. It's a reference to the entry in the list, where they blamed poor reviews on misogyny, even though their own review was also largely dismissive of her

  28. Any good units that target units that stay in the back such as supporters and snipers?

  29. Replacer King attacks everyone, including backline, when his passive activates. It's a bit tricky to use since you have to sacrifice a unit to do it, but it's insanely powerful when done correctly

  30. Whats the diff between a lat pulldown and a neutral grip lat pulldown? And are seated rows and bent over rows the same thing?

  31. Seated rows and bent over rows can be pretty different. With seated rows it's much easier to isolate the upper back, but you're also missing out on a lot of accessory muscles. With bent over, you're working more muscles, but it's also easier to cheat and use momentum to achieve the movement. Personally, I like to do bent over on one back day and seated on the other

  32. That was one of my biggest problems with the 2nd Thor movie. The only reason the Dark Elves did so well when they raided Asgard was they had ranged weapons and mowed the Asgardians down before they could do anything

  33. Shit they’re allowed to keep the donations? I’m about to run for office.

  34. Technically no, but I believe it's pretty common to loan the campaign money and then collect after the fact at a ridiculous interest rate

  35. Always wait for 150 tickets before rolling. I've had to go all the way to pity multiple times

  36. Exactly. I'm not paying for 20 bajillion streaming services. I have the Hulu/Disney+ combo and Amazon prime (mostly for the free shipping). I don't even have Netflix anymore since their quality of shows has been going downhill recently

  37. When I first started dating my wife some 17 years ago she had a female black lab. The lab was a rescue that had been beaten by her previous owner who was a male. She was very reclusive towards men as a result. She eventually warmed up to me and we became best friends in a short time. Because we lived relatively close, she started leaving her mom's house and would show up to my house by herself and politely tap my basement window to let me know she had arrived. I played a lot of computer games back then and so once I let her in she would come curl up under my desk to be close to me. Her mom was always worried because previously she never left her side. She would call me in a panic only to learn she was safe at my house. I've had a handful of dogs in my lifetime but she was my favorite. The sweetest thing I've ever known. The day we put her down due to cancer was the hardest I've cried in my life. My wife still attributes the fact that her dog loved me as one of the reasons she fell in love with me. I think the same, I still remember this beautiful young woman with the shy dog and being so nervous to win both of their affections. RIP Star I love you and thank you for bringing us together. I wish you could have met our kids.

  38. Similar story on the other side. I had a cat who was semi feral as a kitten and never really got used to other people since I lived alone most of the time I had him. However, within just a few visits he accepted my boyfriend, now fiance, way faster than any other person outside my family. I figured that was a really good sign and it turned out to be right

  39. The creator, Armando Iannucci, is brilliant. I’d recommend The Thick of It, his British political satire show.

  40. No wonder Veep reminded me so much of The Thick of It, lol

  41. Using a skateboard is making your legs too sore to train? Dude, I run 45 miles a week and I'm fine, you're either being a wuss or it's all in your head

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