When you follow your heart, love is the answer


  1. They should arrest the parents and the engineers who signed off on that road.

  2. Most women don't, but some doctors get it in their head to add a 'husband stitch' most times without the consent of the woman.

  3. They know what the results will be. That’s what the Republicans want.

  4. Its fadet out right now. Europen manufactures are ass slow, but china and Tesla are reducing it continuously.

  5. Plastic salt bridge will be really cool too. And it makes the batteries so much more fire resistant.

  6. Can we please stop calling every technical or medical advance as being an advance for longevity? Otherwise, it will be completely indistinguishable from medicine as a whole

  7. Well, too bad because most medicine advancing means a way to achieve longevity.

  8. A new universe. If it happens in the Gunn era, it should be an Elseword project. I really want a Batman Beyond movie.

  9. They've been cock teasing us with a Batman Beyond movie for years, why can't they make one!

  10. please explain. my bones may be strong but any information on heart health is appreciated.

  11. Look up hand clubbing and causes. It's almost always from heart conditions.

  12. What if you used the photo for a marketing purpose and made money off the sales of the product. Would this still not be copyright infringement due to the financial gain and intent from the company?

  13. Before it was smartphones and home delivery, they said computers were making teens antisocial.

  14. When books first became prevelent they said it caused antisocial behavior too.

  15. Yeah, and that's part of the issue, currently we are trading one bad land use for another. Certain things make sense to farm indoors, but not everything does. Cost is a serious issue, and also energy usage.

  16. I agree on the ethanol front, that said, farming is not really profitable in many cases without subsidization. If we remove them, we risk letting the entire sector fail. At that rate, only corporations will survive. It would probably spell the end of non corporate farming, and that scares me .

  17. We can clean the grid. too many people in government make too much money from fossil fuel companies for us to do it fast.

  18. Yes! Imma idiot when it comes to politics and that's one of the reasons I don't talk about it!

  19. I kinda want all of the awkward talks Neelix and Tuvox would have about their technically kid

  20. Dick is supposed to have been Robin for at least like 5 years depending on how old he was when he started

  21. Yeah the same amount of time to get a Masters degree, he got a Masters in Super-heroing.

  22. Yeah, but 35 strikes me as too young to have mentored Dick to the point of independence, lost Jason, trained Tim, and then given the Robin mantle to Damien. There’s a lot of story arcs that are indispensable to this progression of Robins, and I don’t see how they could fit all that in for a 35-yr-old Batman.

  23. It really is that simple. Decaffeinated coffee is a good appetite surpressant.

  24. Imagine a problem solving, self-aware AI that is DTF 100%. I think we can have our cake and eat it too.

  25. Oh society would completely collapse due to holoaddiction.

  26. I don't know why this is getting down votes, the general on gallifrey when he regenerated into a woman, she asked the officer "back to normal?" It seems to indicate timelords do have a preferred gender and deviation from that is an uncommon occurrence

  27. Yeah I thought the master gave him shit for prefering a gender at one point.

  28. I don't know if I remember that but you do have the example of the doctor, the master, the general, rassilon all of whom seem to be shown on screen in new who favouring one gender and having an occasional change into the other but definitely having one that's preferred

  29. Is this real? Also I want to know how many of you have also gotten a dose of radiation on accident.

  30. I’m only even on a couple subs here haha. I’m pro2A af but can’t deal with Fudds and boomers and trumpanzees so I often don’t even try. 😅

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