1. whoever is smoking this shit may god be with you😩

  2. I’m playing with Lydia and Serana they’re my protectors lol

  3. I never done smithing either. Now, i'm focusing on it & enchanting. (Smithkng-lvl 34)(enchant-lvl 33)

  4. Enchanting is easy once you get a bunch of gold and make sneak rings

  5. Ok so you want a follower and you want to kill the spider for Calcelmo that dwarven ruin has tons of metal. I use it to make bows and bam smithing 100. Make sure to drop the metal and have your follower pick up the pieces one at a time.

  6. I’m lazy so I do purple then just fast travel from then on afterwards

  7. I had testicular cancer and they had to remove my right testical. So far I’m cancer free

  8. It’s my favorite coffee. I just bought the blueberry vanilla medium roast and it was delicious

  9. I can’t roll joints so you’re doing a better job than me

  10. I’m posting for people that got stuck on the part where it says retrieve the bow from the assassin and the quest marker is bugged after you pick it up. All I did was drop the bow and pick it up and then the quest marker told me to talk to the steward.

  11. I waited in the inn at dragon bridge for 30 days to reset a dead body that was annoying me in white run and I had 3 dragons attack me. Never had that happen before.

  12. Thanks for posting this. I was curious as to what to plant as well. Right now I have wheat and blue mountain flowers only. I might grow some red mountain flowers and get a bunch of creep clusters to make magic potions.

  13. I have a level 14 Khajiit and it’s crashing after I get the freezing thing and switching survival off doesn’t help

  14. What are u wearing armor or clothes wise does it have a high warmth rating? Because i haven't crash in awhile since I figured out my warmth rating In the game.

  15. I’m wearing the deadric light armor. I just traded a ring to the Khajiit trader for it

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