1. all because “wooooo they’re the chosen one! i cannot let them lift a finger!” makes me cringe 😭

  2. When they have a first-person monologue about how they're either totally different from everyone else or just as boring as everyone else.

  3. the consequences of the “not like other girls” era is irreparable

  4. As a male writer I really wouldn't worry about it. Chances are those types of reviewers wouldn't like it either way. Characters are more about their habits/ responses/natural instincts to situations than their gender.

  5. 100% agree. hadn’t really thought about gender in characters until i saw complaints about it, was worried that there was something i was blind to 😭

  6. When I start to make a story, my character are genderless. They could be easile male or female. After the plot is somehow done (or at least a good structure) I give everyone genders. As many stated here, write a character that happens to be male/female

  7. that’s a really interesting method, can’t believe i haven’t thought of it lol. thank you!!

  8. I just recommend this on another post haha but A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman has amazingly written characters that are the main focus

  9. if you already have a solid idea for a novel, i’d say go for it. even if the execution is horrible, you’re always able to rework it in the future when your skills have improved. however, if you’re not in love with any ideas in specific, it could be fun to write a short novella with a fairly basic or even bad premise, just to get a feel for the process. either way, i think you should just go for whatever you’ll enjoy writing, even if it’s purposefully terrible. don’t let yourself get held back by the fear

  10. breaking my silence and revealing that i’ve never actually seen Mean Girls. i think i basically know the whole plot already, but since it’s finally on Netflix, maybe i’ll give it a go eventually.

  11. your understanding of shape and form is incredible. seeing the individual brush strokes adds so much to the piece

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