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  1. Something like the reverse of this happens at AA meetings. Someone will be sharing hilarious stories and the room is howling. Then out of nowhere they drop some shit like “I killed my infant son while drunk driving” before you can wipe the smile off your face.

  2. He’s always been mumbly though. I’d still probably have a speech writer or someone prepare responses for these type of questions.

  3. It didn't help that he was thrown to the ground like a rag doll. I didn't see the game, only the clip of the incident. Was the defensive player charged with roughing the passer?

  4. No it was a clean sack. Bridgewater came on for second down and 16 I believe. Dude’s first ever sack too. He was celebrating, didn’t realize Tua was out.

  5. I’m friends with the coffee shop supervisor. I pop in a few times a day to get things off high shelves and help take out garbage etc. and in exchange I get free food. I guess you’d call it dickering or bartering.

  6. Thats why Shawn of the Dead is so good because the apocalypse lasts like a single day and if you were in a pub you were basically fine. Also the military actually does have an action against zombies, pretty sure you can look it up. But yeah if an actual zombie apocalypse started your best bet would be to go to a bar, order a drink, and get drunk then the next day or 2 it'll be over.

  7. I’d be worried about the liquid courage. I’d probably bet someone I could go kick a zombie in the nuts.

  8. You don’t want their fluid anyway. Worked at a place and there was a giant barrel in the basement. Sometimes we got it filled by a service but mostly we just used a concentrate and topped it up with water when it got low. Sometimes it was mostly water. I had some in my car and I sprayed my window below freezing. Fuckin instant coat of ice. Lucky I wasn’t going too fast and I could pull over. Never again.

  9. What works for me pretty well is trying it 100 times and set it down while trying to hide my frustration and take deep breaths. Couple rounds of that and it’s good to go.

  10. How does it sound though? I’m picturing when “I love Lucy” does that wuaaaagh crying thing mixed with a wet fart.

  11. Could be a writer doing research. Thinking up some adjectives about what it’s like having a sword.

  12. Yeah, I had a bug out kit in my trunk for a while but I learned the hard way I have a leak somewhere and tons of gear got all moldy.

  13. Meh it’s one of those things, like smoking on the ferry, where most people will obey but there’s the odd exception.

  14. Might still have one. Collected a shitload of keychains and I probably have a huge tangled ball of that kinda stuff in my mother’s basement.

  15. My friend has these all over and I constantly walk into them.

  16. For real? Can't wait to use that excuse this winter.

  17. Arteries constrict in the cold causing higher blood pressure. For some it’s the only exercise they get all year and there’s a drive to just push through and “get it done.” But yeah, it’s usually the elderly and overweight.

  18. Back then the Simpsons aired like five times a day after school and I watched pretty well every one. Never read into it. Was just another Simpsons episode with some jokes and shit. I was pumped to tune in. I never knew anyone cared so much. Are people really writing theses and shit about some cartoon character?

  19. Some guy handed me a cd on the Seattle boardwalk. Been in a small town too long I’m like “ah sweet, thank you.” Person I was with was like “no, they want money. Give that back.”

  20. I could be wrong here, but even though thats a fucking mess, i think itll be fine. Its gonna ruin the surface for sure and make a mess around it but the base will set fine.

  21. Second layer would create a cold joint. A void that would eventually collect water and crack to hell. Any half decent company would tear it up and do it again.

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