1. Yellow garden spider, Argiope aurantia. Harmless garden predator!

  2. probably in 2016-17, my mom got bit on the chin by a wolf spider in her sleep and had to go to the ER. we dont live in australia btw

  3. If it was in her sleep, how can you be sure it's a wolf spider, or a spider bite at all? No species of wolf spider is medically significant.

  4. i just asked my mom to get an answer and apperantly it was a hobo spider, sorry

  5. Hobo spiders aren't dangerous, either. Spider bites are a common misdiagnosis by doctors...

  6. It’s like the only non-venomous spider in Australia though..

  7. All spiders except for family Uloboridae are venomous, but not all are medically significant. Huntsmen are big babies, the OP and the comments are so obnoxious!

  8. Looks like a type of crab spider. No need to freak out, it's not dangerous at all.

  9. And please don't kill it! Put it outside if you haven't already, it will be happy in your garden, flowerbed, or brush/trees.

  10. It really needs more light! It shouldn't be growing tall like this, nor should its lower leaves be downturned. These are both indicators that it is lighr starved. Acclimate to full sun outdoors or invest in a grow light! A bright daylight LED bulb in a lamp fixture also works.

  11. Unreadable...look at the guides in the sidebar, practice keyboard letters before trying style!

  12. Completely harmless and lost isopod, look at the number of legs. Roaches only have six.

  13. I’m just used to it and they’re sentimental since I’ve been playing since the game came out. I’d rather not see Deca slowly turn the game into something unrecognizable (not that that’s going to happen)

  14. They're already doing that, half the new dragons feel like they belong in a different game.

  15. Huntsman spiders' venom isn't medically significiant, so unless your friend means their bite is mechanically painful (it's a big spider!), it's not particularly nasty. They'll occasionally go after mice, but rats are an exaggeration! Like most spiders, they're pretty chill and do not want to bite you (in fact they are quite docile), but they can be scary because they are so fast!

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