1. its not my fault ppl are declining u. Happens to everyone.

  2. So they are going to decline u. Thats the problem.

  3. In person only or possible pvpoke?

  4. So is this for everyone or for las Vegas people?

  5. Question : is this the same for xbox?

  6. honestly it's probably a wonderful place that's beautiful and full of history. iits just like an inside joke in my family to hate Poland. I got a custom shirt that says my baba makes your baba look polish.

  7. my family is from Ukraine. so probably to fight for who has rights to the perogi like I said is very stupid.

  8. I'm from Europe and watching America series TV i must say with every season it's get better and better. Especially last seasons were extremely interesting. Riots, shootings, etc. Damn, America. This is gold quality stuff. Cant wait for next year season .

  9. You don't have to use loctite, another option is to use Teflon tape. But 243 loctite will work. Most bali have t10 torx screws but some have t8 and if you have a problem with the pivots spinning the squeeze the handles together.

  10. In that case they aren’t mature. All it takes is a single moment to change your life forever. If I fight with some random, I don’t know if they have a knife or gun or if they’re stable. If I didn’t have to worry about that, I could still hit my head or neck the wrong way and never be the same again over something I’d forget about by the morning. It isn’t worth it.

  11. It's not a reason to strap soemone from being mature only because he engage himself with some kind of activity with his friends.

  12. If you make a petty choice with a consequence of jail or death, you aren’t mature in your decision making.

  13. Still, their decision. If they want to end up in jail, or are ok with it or don't care, leave it.

  14. So this is useless if you are outside Singapore? Will these pokemons spawn in the wild or not?

  15. I live like 200 km's away from where it happened. War becomes more real and real at this point.

  16. What online rating is this suitable for and is chessable version Worth it?

  17. I play the Sicilian Kan against 1-e4 , I'm 1800 on

  18. Interesting. I also play kan but im worse than u. Would u mind sharing ur nickname on chess com so i could investigate some of ur games and see ur approach?

  19. Queens gambit declined! I like it.

  20. Also, if you hear about people complaining battery drain and over heating issues, it becuz of the quick connect service, you only have to disable that until realme releases its bug fix.

  21. I think im convinced. Thanks!

  22. Go with gt 2, I have been using it from the last 20 days, and its a great device. I usually get a SOT between 7-10 hrs (Gaming Included) (Refresh Rate - Auto).

  23. But gt 2 refresh rate is 60 or 120 right?

  24. Which one? 30 has a 4k battery.

  25. I recently ordered 11t pro great phone for all the stuffu wanna do

  26. people write that 11t pro has a lot more battery drain problems. Whats ur SOT?

  27. Idk Max maybe 600 euro? Maybe 500 would be good.

  28. I've bought my phone from there (Germany, Hamburg). Communication with xiaomi shop there is terrible, one reply per week. GLS 'lost' my parcel in Hamburg, it took three weeks to respond my messages. One more week to offer refund or resend. Second time they used UPS, so I got the phone I bought more than one month later.

  29. There are many channels. Diffrent channels for every language and also other platforms, like twitch.

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