1. Who knows but it’s not the service.

  2. If some people have issues and some don’t, it’s not the app. Maybe the way it integrates with TVs, but it’s not the app.

  3. It’s app on that platform as others have mentioned. Also just because some ppl with the same setup aren’t having trouble doesn’t meant it’s not the apps problem. The tv OS could be running a different version or the app version could be different.

  4. Not hbo its hbo max were you complaining when hbo max added f boy island, seems really stupid and childish to complain now

  5. Don’t know why the downvotes. This is facts! People act as if HBOmax never had any bad shows.

  6. I enjoyed it. Felt like they did something a little different from other horror movies nowadays.

  7. Canceled my Spotify last week. Moving to AM permanently. Good luck with that UI!

  8. When have artist been their top priority even before podcasts and audiobooks?!

  9. I think Netflix still has one of the most diverse libraries, but, diversity doesn't neccessarily equals quality. HBOMAX and Apple TV+ are at the top in that regard still.

  10. Yes that’s true. But at the end of the day when I want to relax and watch a sitcom, I am not going to Apple TV+ I’d likely go to Netflix or HBOmax or Hulu. If I want quality drama, I’d go to Apple TV+ or HBOmax. In that sense, HBOmax seem to have everything and it’s a quality competitor but discovery might ruin that. Only time will tell but so it doesn’t look good so far.

  11. I think Apple’s just begun, their library is really small still, they’re no competition against HBO/Warner or Netflix obviously.

  12. Yes, the few shows that Apple does have are very good quality but it feels like crime to ask for $5 for such as small catalog.

  13. So is this an FX show or a Hulu original? I don’t understand what they are trying to do here.

  14. Waiting to get mine today! Excited to see how they are. Especially coming from AirPods 2.

  15. This feature showed up on my app’s home screen today, and for whatever reason, I can’t scroll down if I start on that card. Really annoying.

  16. What's the plus on the bottom right? Is this a beta version?

  17. i bet all the balls say 13 on them lmao

  18. They show the tv remote there when you are playing something on Apple TV.

  19. Yeah it would be cool if they let the app customize that.

  20. I think they aren’t letting people buy in-app to avoid the Apple/Google cut.

  21. They really should implement in app purchase. This work for subscriptions but for individual purchases, it’s very inconvenient.

  22. It goes ace, two, three, four but ace is still higher than jack, queen, king?

  23. It is to follow/favorite that artist. You will supposedly get notified when they drop something new. It also shows all your favorite artists towards the end of Listen Now page. Some ppl have noticed better recommendations based on favorite artists.

  24. Nah. People are going to start canceling subs to streaming services and only renewing when they release something they want. Having Netflix, Disney, Hulu, HBO and whatever else is more expensive than cable at this point.

  25. I already started switching a lot since I run out of stuff to watch on any service after a few months. There’s never a steady stream of stuff I’m interested in.

  26. Streaming is quickly become cable after everyone jumped on the bandwagon

  27. Do they really in their right mind think the steps they have taken lately are progressive?

  28. HBO Max is both 1) underpriced according to the CFO and 2) available for a 40% yearly discount right now

  29. I think you can make that edge to and it will look better.

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