1. Ok dude for sure thats why we use CTs to diagnose autism aspies adhd etc.... No an n of 200 is not enough to establish a correlation. Odds ratio? Cmon.

  2. If a politician has no ethics oversight or their constituents don't give a shit if they are a pathological liars as long as they aren't a member of the Other Hated Party, this is the result.

  3. Is this a both sides comment? Are you claiming equivalency?

  4. Are both parties corrupt? Yes. Are they equivalently corrupt? Emphatically no.

  5. Really late to this party, but I am a huge fan of 80's synthpop, especially the darker sounding stuff that now goes by darkwave/goth/post-punk.

  6. Approaching from above a cat's head to pet them makes them defensive because they feel like they are getting predated upon. Approach from the side or from below and they are much less likely to get agitated.

  7. She's gotta have a massive rack or something. I really don't get it otherwise.

  8. Go back for seconds when sober to make sure whether it was regrettable or not.

  9. that is so digusting. how exactly did you even find a highschool kid that wants to band an old loser?

  10. Is the guy in the blue pants Rob Schreiner?

  11. Yeah I'm not going to say I'm less perverted than anyone else, but I will never understand sexual kinks that center around not having sex.

  12. Well, most guys here likely jerk off while watching other people have sex, albeit through a screen. I'd say that's somewhat akin.

  13. This would mostly just make me want to kill her. And him. And you, frankly.

  14. You might want to tone it down, this isn’t actually 4chan, after all.

  15. Every time a person who got the jab dies of COVID or related complications, 10,000,000 anti-vaxxers jump with joy. Then 10 of them die. Winning!

  16. My guess is that she is using you as a jump start to rev up her engine, and it's putting spice back into her relationship with her SO. So she gets her fix with him after using you to get in the mood, so the next day you've already served your purpose and she has put you back on the shelf until the next time she thinks she needs that extra kick.

  17. Yeah. This is a likely possibility. And she's stated how many times she wants to avoid a homewrecker situation. Either way, I'm not enjoying being used.

  18. Proof would be in the pudding. If the next time she starts getting forward and you respectfully decline to be her petting partner, if she very quickly switches to someone else to fulfill that role then you will have verification that she never really saw you as anything more than a third-baseman.

  19. Nah, it's just a slice-of-life rom-com, like countless other non-echhi high-school rom-coms but rather set in an office with adults.

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