1. A customer that doesn't make you dig through their glove box and spare tire compartment for the key to your wheel locks, since they know you're going to need it to rotate the tires.

  2. Solution, get a dedicated mellophone mouthpiece. It’s still not the same as your horn, but it’s a hell of a lot better than a straight up trumpet mouthpeice.

  3. Make it very public for his family that they raised a pedo. Embarrass them. Grind them into the dirt. Christian creeps get no mercy and no where to hide.

  4. The good old “M1 Spell” created by the great ancient Wizard Garand.

  5. Unfortunately it doesn't always work. Here in Nebraska we had one of our Senators filibustering a similar gender care bill for 3 weeks and all of the republican senators rallied together to overrule her filibuster with cloture. Sadly the bill went to vote today and passed the general file.

  6. Oh shit, her filibuster got clotured? I was really hoping it would last longer.

  7. Also Mello is less competitive for DCI compared to trumpets for what I've heard.

  8. Kind of. Mello usually has less people going for it, but also there are less spots in a Mello section than a trumpet section.

  9. To quote my favorite internet lawyer, “It’s never RICO!” Also this article is very helpful for understanding what RICO is.

  10. Didnt know the caption put it like thet on the bottom so imma restate it here. Go this from my grandpa who inherited from a friend. Just wondering if anyone could identify either

  11. Take a picture of the valves from both sides. There should be a serial number there that will make it easier to identify. There may also be a serial number on the mouthpiece receiver

  12. Supposedly BAC built them with tooling and material that they bought from Kanstul using Kanstul’s designs.

  13. I hate the fact that posting a correction to this would be proving Cunninham’s law lol.

  14. I’ve heard of it. Their YouTube channel has some great DCI conductor headcams.

  15. This is intentional. Not a printing error or software issue. It was done to improve legibility. Whether it was the software default or the copyist's choice, someone decided that breaking up the beam at the halfway point of the measure makes it easier to keep track of where you are.

  16. I think he meant the larger gap between the note heads of the 2nd and 3rd eighth notes, not the break in the beam.

  17. We had a VC “head tech” whose favorite exercise to “imbue strength” was to ask the hornline member at high volume, “Are you strong??” If you said yes, the test was a big time, open-handed slap across the face; the first time I saw it the poor low brass player (who said yes) got hit so hard he nearly hit the ground but the guy next to him caught him on the way down. That same head tech would also have us sniff the bottom of goal posts (where do dogs pee?) if we made mistakes. His verbal abuse was beyond sucktasical; he went after you on a very personal level.

  18. Damn, never thought I’d see my friend Brynn showing up on this sub.

  19. They don’t really exist for marching baritones like they do for trumpets. Your best option is probably to just try to make your own.

  20. My school owns my mellophone, but I bought my flugel and trumpet myself.

  21. It's a sherman with an M1a1 cannon it was an early variant of the 76mm cannon and it was unthreaded which caused accuracy problems, it could also be the more common M1a2 with the muzzle brake removed as crews complained that it kicked up a lot of dust which made follow up shots difficult

  22. Once my band director got mad that some people had their horns pointing too low and that the crowd is "up in the stands" and that we had to "aim to the box". So he's like, "GUYS! Your horn angles are here, they need to be here!" He ended up doing to Nazi salute showing us where our horns need to be. There's a picture of it somewhere and I need to find it.

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