1. The m12 stubby will work for most cars lug nuts. Not trucks! Even on Porsche with 118 ft.lbs of torque it struggle. However it is still a great impact wrench that work for most cars, just not trucks. You need mid torque for trucks.

  2. Na it def should. rated for 250 (mil) my DeWalt one has been able to brake lugs on f350s and so should Milwaukee

  3. Do no frikin way man. Dude ken you'll be missed hopefully you're doing donuts up at heavens gates

  4. Any one know if it’s bad just to top off my car with this stuff? I don’t want to go through all the hassle of draining my whole system just for a the yellow coolant rn when I don’t have to

  5. Motorcraft is made for the car but it's not the worst to not go oem

  6. You are good. The crevice in the middle of the reservoir is the min line so you can fill it up but not really needed

  7. what's that song that always play whenever there's an incoming conflict/riot in the prison?

  8. 2 years later for you but I think your thinking of strings of prisoners

  9. Florida man shoves himself off building into a pile of hay whilst assassinating 2 French people accusing them of being templars from a cult

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