1. Aim assist for controllers is not aim bot.

  2. I mean it is though, obviously not the strongest aim bot but it still counts.

  3. And all others pale in comparison to the Vanguard camo grind, 350 longshots on the Bren ALONE, all with horrible builds that you have to use.

  4. Recently got off AT&T "legacy" DSL, 6 Mbps down / ~384 Kbps up, and this was literally a thing.

  5. That shit is straight up illegal in my country.

  6. 1gb fiber? That sounds amazing, I’m running on sky broadband, I can’t even run the game properly on the lowest graphics settings on ps5

  7. That first one where you went prone and stabbed him in the ankle, that was funny asf.

  8. Mayday Parker. Spider-Girl is a LEGEND.

  9. I haven't done it months, I only do it if I'm certain that they're hacking.

  10. It's like Quiet with a dieselpunk robot arm. Kind of a mash up with Venom.

  11. Venom Snake from MGSV. Not Venom from Spider-Man. I should have clarified that. Lol

  12. was it hurting you or were you getting shot from below?

  13. That's on your monitor, can't handle switching between refresh rates or something like that.

  14. No idea, I never played the console version, the actual BF2 on pc was incredible.

  15. LMAO my bad i had it on private since the youtube quality was so bad in the first hours... it is now working :)

  16. Nice shots, you are gonna get nothing but hate on reddit though, people hate us kbm players with a passion, they think it's easier than controller!

  17. a lot of women say they don’t like men like this but to be fair, if someone defended me like that i’d 100% settle right there and then. hottest shit.

  18. Doesn't hurt that this man is a muscle mountain, he put his full strength into that slap that creep would be dead.

  19. Oh, I gotta admit, I'm down bad for this Valeria skin 😍

  20. My answer to that is "dafuq is a Reddit avatar?"

  21. Apparently there's little Reddit robot guys you can customise.

  22. I've been using Sync for years. Comments like this one remind me that there are profile pictures.

  23. I download all my music by screen recording YouTube videos, which is technically legal so Howard can’t stop me 😈

  24. This is what actual gameplay and not those twitch streamers playing on VPN looks like.

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