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  1. Oh my God, what a dumbass. Even if it was any other dog, I still wouldn't advertise a sign that basically says "pet my dog and if they bite you, show the judge my sign!" She's just setting herself up for a lawsuit.

  2. I'll just say, I hate Steam with a passion. It always messes up whenever I want to play Destiny. This isn't the sub for the game though.

  3. Pre-colonization, flocks of birds would literally (momentarily, like in the video) blot out the sky in North America. Pity that’s all gone now.

  4. You really gonna pull that dumb shit on a video about birds lmfao get off the internet

  5. "I love her to bits but she's not all that" bruh you got her PREGNANT

  6. You should not be in this sub because you don’t understand anti-consumption at all if you’re complaining about protest actions especially those to do with climate change.

  7. You can't be anticonsumption if you don't understand how this forces more consumption of jet fuel. Idiot.

  8. Is it shocking though? Do you think the working class is going to give a fuck about your cause when you're the ones fucking with them? Go big or actually, go the fuck home. Don't know why this stupid shit was suggested to me.

  9. Isn't the theory that Morty is just young Rick? I mean...he's just marrying himself lol

  10. No no, I believe it. I fell flat on my face the other night trying to get water. My guess is the brother drank, went to sleep, got up while still drunk and was too drunk/tired to catch his own fall.

  11. Made some guac for apps this Thanksgiving following this, used it when I got to mashing all the ingredients together, went beautifully!!

  12. Nah, I'll drink a Red Bull or coffee and then fall asleep lol. Nothing keeps me awake.

  13. Hahah right, theyre just mad that Canada is the educated version of their country

  14. No, it's pretty easy. If they mess up, it's because they don't care and are probably almost out the door. Definitely not saying there aren't mess up, I have and so has everyone. However if it's consistently messed up then yeah, no one (not even management) cares.

  15. That's not a 6 month baby. Babies born at 6 months can actually live outside of the womb with specialized medical care.

  16. I'm just excited about the map update tomorrow. I need to submit my Forgotten Shore map pieces >.<

  17. Oh, I thought they meant they were adding more maps. I was like...but fix it first 😭

  18. I'm so glad they are adding more maps, even though they stopped me from completing my lab map due to an influx of map pieces. 😒 Fix ya servers!

  19. He is her son, she post the photo on IG with the text, "Stay with someone that grabs you like this! My kids really are very possessive, what about your boys?" IG went crazy...

  20. What the hell are you talking about? She's a smoke show.

  21. Nah bro she 100% looks like the girl from The Orphan. 😂

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