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  1. Lois covered the speakeasy club scene in New York City during prohibition under the pseudonym "Lipstick". Her articles were great, fun to read even now.

  2. It’s Barbie’s Dreamhouse: Post-Apocalypse edition!

  3. This looks like a settlement housing I built in Fallout 4…

  4. This looks like an amazing transformation, great job! May I ask where you got those salt and pepper mills?

  5. I see myself in this diagram and I don’t like it! :/

  6. Trans women should not be allowed to compete with cis women in sports that require physical strength.

  7. Some lower income people really are just too lazy and/or stupid to get out of poverty. Not everyone has the potential to be a rocket scientist no matter how well their school is funded.

  8. Michelangelo would probably have phrased it cruder. There are some contemporary sources that say he had quite an abrasive personality

  9. The word for the number four sounds like the word for death in both Japanese and Mandarin. Seems like a funny coincidence. The words don’t sound similar between the two languages.

  10. Not a coincidence — a lot of the Japanese language is derived from Chinese. Also the sounds in the respective languages don’t need to sound the same to mean the same thing.

  11. With the help of AI technology, photographer and lawyer Alper Yesiltas has created a series called “As If Nothing Happened” that seemingly brings pop culture icons back to life.

  12. I think you’re right. That basket bugs me too…just felt like there needed to be something on top to add dimension.

  13. I think the basket is nice but sterile because it’s empty. Try putting something in it — do you have blankets or towels, it could be nice to roll them up and use that basket as storage.

  14. The most annoying thing for me as a person from a non-EU country is that now the non-EU line is twice as long as it should be because of all the British people standing in it whining about the line. Thanks.

  15. There is a lot of money to be made if someone makes a robot horse that never needs a break.

  16. You’re totally right but just look what happened in Sleeping Beauty when Maleficent didn’t get an invite to the party — don’t want to have some crazy sleeping curse placed upon the nation for 100 years over some perceived slight… (or have him accidentally re-elected which I would take the sleeping curse over) j/k

  17. Cough lozenges can do this too whilst you wait out a (suspected) viral strep throat that you've already had for a week and lose 30lbs and have your throat so inflamed and pained that you can't even swallow your own saliva until the doc finally calls an additional week and a half later and says it's bacterial strep and you can come in to get antibiotics

  18. It’s also fucked up that when a woman posts gains she’s immediately attacked as being on PEDs or “fake”? Where is the proof it’s fake? Just sounds like jealousy from men who don’t work out or are genetically incapable of making the same progress!

  19. Careful you might trigger toxic the last of us neckbeards.

  20. Lol, she already has! Losers that can’t accept that a woman can accomplish anything physically — they themselves probably have never lifted anything heavier than a fork to their neck beard face!

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