1. It is. Ellie murders a bunch of people to get to Abby and then doesn’t kill her because… she is not a murderer.

  2. You are being downvoted because people disagree with you. Please don't try to play the victim game. You being downvoted doesn't mean that Reddit hates LGBT.

  3. Many factors. Accessibility to firearms, lack of accessibility to mental health treatment (cost and stigma). Bullying, there could be hundreds of reasons. There are some very good responses above.

  4. I largely blame this counterintuitive "king culture". Sure it's important to support all people and knowing who you are and being proud of your gender is not the issue. The issue is saying "or your sad"? "See you at the gym bro". It's a super toxic belief system that just feeds into the issues that men face with their mental health.

  5. "See you at the gym bro?" when someone is sad is toxic "king culture" right now?

  6. It will depend on the state and what charges they have. Different states have different ways of charging those crimes. That being said intent matters with every violent crime.

  7. Intent is certainly important. I'm no lawyer but I'm pretty sure the disconnect here isn't about intent. I think it's about what you can realistically prove. For example hitting someone with your car after falling asleep and killing them is manslaughter among other things. It is not murder.

  8. Right? I can never understand how that part isn’t picked up. Anti-patriarchy narratives just eroded natural competition from the few alpha males who benefit most from the status quo. Erode the lessor or potential alphas and now the biggest and baddest go unchecked. Brilliant.

  9. This is the point so many are missing. Many times I hear “men are assholes” and I consistently have to say “no, SOME men are assholes. Am I or your dad an asshole?” They say “well no, but you guys are different”

  10. The unfortunate reality is that most men (myself included) will display symptoms of a larger problem. Now before you get all defensive just hear me out please.

  11. AR ain’t a thing in my zone, its alway busy in my zone. I really don’t care about AR

  12. I always keep it above 80% just so I can get a minimum of 6.50 on all orders if it's slow.

  13. And without an assault rifle, they can still 'cause just as much damage. Are you dense, friend? Getting rid of guns will make less GUN crimes yeah. But the crimes will still be there. People will still murder each other with guns and without. Plus, I just showed countless examples of people outside the US still becoming a victim of gum violence, where you can't even get one. What, ypu think they came all the way to the US just to get a gun? Get real for a second. I'm fully convinced now you've not a clue what your talking about. You keep putting words in my mouth too with me saying it's "normal".Crime of any sort shouldn't be normal, but people will kill each other with or without guns. Plus you keep repeating the same shit even tho I've proved you wrong with different examples each time you spout the same shit. If you would like to be a victim (I hope it never happens) that's on you. But quit spouting this nonsense that less guns is going to solve anything 'cause it's not. Just like if we put more guns, it would create more problems. People are fucked up, so people will do fucked up things. Jesus, it's like I'm arguing with a infant

  14. The same amount of crime happens yes but which robbery is worse? The one with a gun or the one with a knife. Because if you can get a gun then so can they. And spouting off some obscure example of something happening one time has very little influence to the overall statistical averages that all point to guns causing more violence. And you have not and cannot change that as it's literal statistical fact.

  15. Venezuela, Papua new guinea, South Africa, Brazil. All these places hold more murder and higher crime rate of this year then the US. Matter a fact Brazil has a higher gun rate of murders then we do. Greenland has a higher gunrate of suicide then we do. Yes US is second in that fucked up competition, but when it comes to gun violence we don't even top the countries around. So why do you think Brazil or Venezuela or even Greenland has has worse either murders or suicides then US with strict gun laws? I can send links if ypu really want. Plus you keep mentioning gun relayed crimes, when I've proved time and time again that other places with less guns (even illegally attained guns) have the same amount or even worse crime rates? There's a endless supply of information at your fingertips tips. Use it. Your points keep becoming mute, you have no substantial argument other then "gun=bad". Since you like statistics I gotchu there too. Countries with the Highest Rates of Violent Gun Death (Homicides) per 100k residents in 2019 1.El Salvadore- 36.78 2.Venezuela - 33.27 3.Guatemala- 29.06

  16. Alright now compare it to a country like the UK that is fully modernized and has strict gun control. Or France, or Germany or Canada. Bet your numbers fall apart real quick huh?

  17. Go to menu, then to options then the dev mode is in the middle.

  18. No but Character Editor has a 1.4 version with Gene Editing which I recommend over Prepare Carefully as it has a lot more options and control than Prepare Carefully. It's a bit trickier to use but it's a lot smoother under the hood and lets you adjust way more.

  19. Where does one find this 1.4 version? It still says 1.3 on steam.

  20. Depends, if you go to the workshop, on the right side of the page you will see a blue box with all of the ribworld versions in it choose 1.4 and see which mods are available, some mods from vanilla expanded have already been converted but most haven’t yet so by using the method above it should make the search easier

  21. Yeah for sure! I was more so talking about adding the mod to an existing 1.4 save after the mods been updated to 1.4. Sorry for the confusion.

  22. Probably could work depending on what kind of mod it is, personally I wouldn’t add a mod Midgame if it’s a game changer but if it’s a simple addon/Qol or faction then I do think that you can add it, just make sure to check if the mod says that it can be added midgame so that you don’t lose your save(unless your not playing commitment mode)

  23. what about squeamish trait or a precept involving death/corpses? these can make pawns vomit.

  24. Yeah double checked the precept because thats what I thought it was. No squeamish or other traits like that.

  25. They are probably just sickened by your lack of organ harvesting

  26. I don’t think he forgot. But considering Aegon’s kids are very young and Aegon barely qualifies into the criteria, Aemond would be a logical choice if you’re one of the greens and trying to pick.

  27. It's tricky because the actual line of succession always goes to the eldest son according to G.R.R martin. But the convoluted part is whether or not that's Aegons eldest or the kings.

  28. Took me probably months before I realized they were shorting out in the rain, not just random events.

  29. The ones that still sometimes get me are when they short because the roof didn't quite extend enough to cover one single electronic.

  30. Small town racists pumped full of meth are literal zombies.

  31. For real! I had a meth head trying to break into my house through the window a few years back. Just kept saying they live here and "I'm coming in there" over and over again. Police came quickly thankfully.

  32. And their view was blocked by the truck going through the intersection to their left. If the 90 year old driver had been just two seconds faster she'd have crashed into that truck and likely saved the other driver's life.

  33. I wonder if the 90 year old was having a heat attack or seizure or something. The whole thing scares the shit out of me though. One day your just driving your usual route then bam. Gives me an existential crisis.

  34. Most murderers find killing to become easier and easier over time.. 🤷‍♂️

  35. competition in a market is as much an effect on the cost of goods on the market as much as supply and demand.

  36. Bro how have you been deluded so much to say that "you have a right to homeless shelters". I've been talking to several people about this since my comments were made and none were quite so heartless. Who tf hurt you?

  37. First answer, Reality. IF you think you have a right to housing, then reality certainly isn't a care for you. That, or reality has been so infeasibly kind to you that you think that a misguided idea like 'a right to housing' is not only a given, but something people deserve to have. Like, people starve to death every day. People die of thirst for lack of proper drinking water about as often. Yet you have convinced yourself that this universe is so kind that people have a right to a roof over their head? What world are you living in, and how often do the Care Bears show up?

  38. Again you equate rental pricing for the price homes. They are completely seperate. The price of housing affects the price of rent. Not the other way around. People will pay what they think the price is but when there is more supply that price will inevitably drop. Meaning that owning a significant portion of the hosuing market for profits will effect the price of homes. And not allowing that will decrease them. How do you not understand such a simple concept. This is like day one economics.

  39. when dad leaves the butta tray open and the flies get comfy

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