1. Requesting code please! Thank you in advance 😊

  2. Thank you for making everyone's day again! :)

  3. Okay I just finished at the sale. I arrived this morning at 6:55am, and the line started moving right at 7. It snaked all the way around but continued moving for me right to the entrance - they stopped letting people in immediately behind me! Seems like they let about 500 or so people in right at opening.

  4. I ended up going after I posted my question, and got there around the same time so we must have been super close! Just along the seawall right by the Harbour Air planes. And yes, can confirm that the line went through really quickly, much to my surprise! Basically lined up at about 6:48 am and walked into the sale at 7:23am. I didn't realise that they capped it after a certain number of people, but makes sense because I did notice suddenly there were no more people coming down the escalator. I just thought no one else had lined up haha.

  5. Anyone lining up this morning? Curious if there's already a line going!

  6. LOVE. you just sold me. Also- what jeans are those??? Obsessed with everything

  7. Heheh thank you!!! They're the mom jeans from American Eagle! I swear by them - I don't buy my jeans anywhere else. Good price, quality jeans (most of the time), lengths ranging from extra short to tall, and most importantly exceptional returns and customer service :)

  8. Not to be dramatic or creepy but I literally just went to american eagle and bought those jeans… obsessed thank you so much xx

  9. HAHA I love it!!! Looking forward to making eye contact with you some day and doing the "nod" while we both rock the same mom jeans 😁

  10. free form shirt in cream is easily my most worn item this year (i bought it in june, but still), perfect to wear to work as a throwover layer, or i’ve been wearing it with linen shorts on the weekends

  11. I really want to get the Freeform in a cream/white!! It's just out of stock in my size right now :( I love the how you've made it so versatile for yourself throughout all the seasons this year!

  12. I’d say they both give a similar look. I like the freeform material more, it’s thicker and has more structure. But the monacle I like for the warmer months, since it’s more thin and breathable it’s nice to layer with when it’s hot. I got the monacle in black since the lighter colours like birch is a tad see through. I get the freeform in the lighter colours tho, currently have ice grey and will eventually get birch as well

  13. Thanks for your help!! I ended up ordering the Monocle shirt just to have a comparison and you're totally right that it would be a good piece for warmer weather. The birch color definitely is a bit see through but not in a bad way - freeform might be the better option for those who don't want it to be see through at all.

  14. I love 3! Curious where the shoes are from? I've been looking for something just like that! Thanks in advance :)

  15. it's the matching mask and cardigan for me 😍

  16. I went in there a year after moving away from the areas, and I’d say there’s still nothing amazing about it. I parked in the new fancy parking lot, went up stairs to find that it’s the same half empty mall with some new sunglasses covering it.

  17. We drove past the mall yesterday and turned on "Brentlawn Dr" and my bf giggled and said, "Brentlawn sounds like the forgotteable cousin of Brentwood," and in a motherly imitation voice said, "Brentwood, don't forget to include your little cousin Brentlawn in your afterschool activities!"

  18. I saved this long ago and just now going to try it! I am new to baking and about to ask the dumbest question ever: what do you mean as wet? Do I mix all the ingredients and then add water? How do I know if I've done correctly? Thanks!!

  19. Hey!! Not a dumb question at all :) I can see why my instruction might not be super clear! Wet basically meaning the wet ingredients listed, so the egg & greek yogurt in this case! No water needed. Happy baking and hope you enjoy this!

  20. I just made them and wanted to let you know they were delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  21. Amazing! I'm so glad they turned out well and thanks for giving my recipe a try 😁

  22. Woah that’s bright! Okay thank you! I’m considering the Weekend tee in that shade.

  23. Omg same!! Have the pink tee in my cart but holding out until it tells me there's only a few left 😆 Living life on the edge. And I also thought vital pink was a light pink for some reason! But hot pink is hot and I'm totally here for it 👏

  24. This color is sooo good with your skin tone and hair!

  25. Thank you so much! 🙈 I was a little nervous whether I could pull it off but I wore the fit out yesterday and felt really good in it!

  26. 5'1 here and I got the 3 inch which I love! I tried the 5 inch and it just looked a little awkward on me. At the same time it depends on your torso vs leg proportions too I think! But if you're shorter, I don't think you could go wrong with 5 inch, if you're worried 3 inch might ride up a little :)

  27. Such a flattering color on you! Could I ask how you tie yours as it looks so seamless. For some reason I can't for the life of me figure out how to tie mine without having a bulky knot and whatnot. Thanks in advance :)

  28. Yes! I still think of him as Weeds and Sardines though

  29. I put a croissant in one of those hotel toasters. It soon became engulfed in flames and needed extinguishing. Next day at breakfast they made a sign that said “if you’d like your croissant toasted, please ask a member of staff”

  30. I literally had that happen to me (minus the flames) a few months ago during a trip to London. In the hotel breakfast lounge, a lady before me looked all sorts of confused because she tried to warm up her croissant in the belt-toaster-oven thing and one of the staff was just frantically trying to remove it and explain to her that she shouldn't put a croissant in there.

  31. Yes! I ordered my usual size last year and it fit perfectly so I ordered another colour (which was also fine). This year I ordered my usual size in the birch colour and it was so tight I went and checked if I had gained weight 😂 Exchanged it for a size up and then ordered the one size up for another colour and this time it wouldn’t stay on my waist.

  32. 10000% !!! I tried on a pair of commands in store a few months ago, but in a color I wouldn't have purchased. So it was just for size. It fit magically and I was so stunned (albeit i did have to size up from my usual). So I went ahead and ordered my go-to black & white colors because I simply couldn't pass up on such a perfect fit. Was soooo excited for the pants to arrive - picked them up, brought them home to try and raved to my bf how rad these pants are gonna look.

  33. that's full on bonkers. sorry you have to deal with all of this OP! if you're still planning to make future purchases with aritzia, other than what others have suggested about making a new account, perhaps check if your local stores allow for ship to store. I dealt with "porch pirates" in my condo building and have since been super hesitant about shipping anything to my address. so if I ever want to order something, I'd call my local aritzia and ask to ship to store. you just have to place a phone order with them as you can't ship to store via online purchase. they'll still email you an invoice and notification once it's ready for pickup!

  34. so you can call the store and they ship it to the store and you pick it up there? do you know if this is in the us?

  35. Yes! I'm in Canada so not sure about the US, but I would hope that's an option there as well!

  36. Just saved this recipe to give it a try next week! They sound delicious.

  37. Thanks so much!! I hope you enjoy them pretzels 😊

  38. Awesome. Love Kodiak mix and another use for it!

  39. Thanks!! I too love it when I find ways to use Kodiak mix for things other than pancakes 😁

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