What kink deserves to be shamed?

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  1. Any chance you are opening the zip file and attempting to drag n' drop to unzip? Because last time I checked when you do that the file is first extracted to your temp folder (which is in c: drive) and then is copied over to the actual destination.

  2. I was quite surprised when she came and spoke to me first, didn’t think I was approachable material.

  3. :) But if I wasn't shy as fuck, then I probably would've made the first move by now.

  4. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, you can do this :)

  5. Damn people actually put their real DOB in for psn lmaoo. I’m 19 but Sony thinks I’m 55 😂😂

  6. My mother put my real DOB in when I got my first PlayStation and now I’m suffering the consequences 😭

  7. Use good ole google drive to put it on whatever divide you need it on

  8. That's right, fancy pants. Myself. So why don't you take your little failure, roll it up sideways and-- okay, crap. I gotta go. Screw you, though.

  9. I put him as a prisoner for the whole camp to see and laugh at him

  10. I can help if you still need it? and it's not a lack of skill,you are just learning.In a few months after more practice,you will be helping people defeat bosses

  11. Luckily I was able to beat it after a lot of tries, thank you for your kind words :) when I’m better at the game I will for sure be helping anyone who needs it :)

  12. I’ve been lucky enough to have none of my characters die, they either survived the whole story or the GM got bored of us and stopped

  13. And then we got the paradigm in the Battle pass 😂

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