1. I have a DS pair of ‘07 aqua 8s I want to wear so bad but don’t because I’m afraid they’ll crumble 😞

  2. In America now a days. You can get shot at school or church. Everyone should be trained on gun safety and own a gun for protection as long as they pass all mental and background checks

  3. Trump is a poor man's idea of a rich guy. Putin is a weak man's idea of a strong guy.

  4. What kind of comment is this? How random 😂

  5. Travis frags and OW dunks. None since then lol

  6. I’m more between 11.5-12….think that would be too big 😔

  7. I have to decide between Walker and Forenan

  8. Do you have an album of images anywhere. Curious on all of the size 12 pairs

  9. Mine are never all the way empty but I try. Lol. I’ve never felt like I’ve noticed a pod that wasn’t filed as much as the others.

  10. Wow really? I notice them different alll the time you must be lucky. I got a really low one today

  11. Klutch and BR LR pods I’ve been stuck on.

  12. I’m new to crypto this year. A lot of my investment is currently on what do seasoned crypto investors suggest I do with my coins?

  13. I'd be getting off asap! They are in hot water currently too. They are being closely watched due to there lack of crypto also.

  14. I have a meta mask as well. Would that be sufficient until I get ledger

  15. I joined draw early then got logged out and haven’t been able to get back in. No email results either

  16. Swear I’ve entered way more than 20 draws for 1s since 2012 lol

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