[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what’s your story?

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  1. I’m curious to see how Jameson Williams does when he’s back from injury. Goff looking to make a statement this year that he’s not done

  2. Thought this all started around Johnny Manzel?!

  3. I’d buy it if you’re willing to ship it. I’d throw in an extra 50. I’ve been looking for one for myself

  4. He wont come down from 600 though... i tried

  5. Yeah I’m in OH USA…I’m gonna offer 500 and see what he says

  6. I wasn’t comparing the quality of the stuff I got to the quality of the Op’s. Lol and for the record, I agree with you 100%.

  7. Yeah I’ve always been a bit spoiled when it comes to my flower I’ve always been one to pay a lil more when it comes to quality

  8. Wow thanks for posting…won’t grab this one

  9. Damnnnn boulll them socks make yo legs look like they 5ft

  10. Alcoholics Anonymous felt somewhat cult like to me…lol

  11. Both my friend and I were touched when we were 11 by our babysitter who was 18. We actually woke up with her on top of us the one time in bed. Very weird, but we didn’t know whether or not we were weird for not liking it and maybe it was actually cool it was happening. We were definitely confused. Didn’t know what to think. Never have shared or talked about this except with my friend who went thru it as well.

  12. If I don’t see any 11.5 in the next day I’m down. U looking to trade or sell

  13. Would you do $185 for the black pair? Shipping to Atlanta.

  14. I need a size 11.5 or 12. I’m from Philly lmao I got heat to trade or cash

  15. I just grabbed the new batch of pure Ohio pods at body and mind and they are def fire and I’m a klutch guy all day. Wish Woodward made some luster pods 😂

  16. Closer to 500$ worth but that’s one cool dad

  17. Rise let you stack military discount too….got Woodward for 50 percent off


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