[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what’s your story?

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  1. Both my friend and I were touched when we were 11 by our babysitter who was 18. We actually woke up with her on top of us the one time in bed. Very weird, but we didn’t know whether or not we were weird for not liking it and maybe it was actually cool it was happening. We were definitely confused. Didn’t know what to think. Never have shared or talked about this except with my friend who went thru it as well.

  2. If I don’t see any 11.5 in the next day I’m down. U looking to trade or sell

  3. Would you do $185 for the black pair? Shipping to Atlanta.

  4. I need a size 11.5 or 12. I’m from Philly lmao I got heat to trade or cash

  5. I just grabbed the new batch of pure Ohio pods at body and mind and they are def fire and I’m a klutch guy all day. Wish Woodward made some luster pods 😂

  6. Closer to 500$ worth but that’s one cool dad

  7. Rise let you stack military discount too….got Woodward for 50 percent off


  9. Whenever ur ready. Sorry just now seeing this if you still have them

  10. My supreme north face hoodie says made in Guatemala 🤦🏼‍♂️

  11. Looks like distillate more than Full spectrum or live. Interesting at least

  12. yes forsure, terpenes listed on label are much different than the ones found in actual GG4 plant

  13. That’s crazy. I bought some one orijin rosin before and it was honestly some of the worst stuff I’ve ever had. Dark brown, tasted and smelled awful. Tried one dab and turned the rest into a topical salve for my back. Swore I would never buy one of their products again. You’re saying you had the opposite experience with them though. I’m slightly intrigued. Wonder if they got a new head processor in the lab or something?

  14. Yeah I saw some reviews on the rosin and it looked awful lol I was nervous but bam “usually” doesn’t carry bullshit, so I gave it a try and I’m very happy with it

  15. Yo ✔️ on Motorbreath bye Klutch. You shall not be disappointed. Well price could be better. I got some Blueberry Cheesecake Pheno 57. Autobloom

  16. I’ve smoked it. Loved it. Love me some stinky gassy shit

  17. You’re like the 5th person that I spoke to that like Wedding Cake over Animal Face. I gotta grab em again next drop hopefully to compare. Animal Face had me feeling like a teenage smoker again lol all giggly and goofy

  18. Yeah bro honestly they’re really really close both dumb fire but idk I just love the taste n smell of that wedding cake. Effects are great. Love the stuff man

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