1. I’ve played against one of the early season rlcs finalists in gc1. some of the players/subs stopped playing and aren’t in the highest ranks anymore. (Or sold their account?)

  2. Is there any specific reason you’re playing on such a high sens? Nearly all players that are actually good play at 0.15-0.4 on 800 dpi (as far as I know). Maybe just try to get used to it. It really doesn’t take that long and seems like it might help you a lot.

  3. Perez isn't wrong, but it's not like Max wouldn't pass him on pace to begin with. It is what it is

  4. Without proper drs it would’ve been close, should’ve just let them race

  5. Had a collision with stroll in the final lap I think

  6. Are others also having issues with international commentary on F1 TV?? It keeps cutting out

  7. It’s a fucking shit show. They’ve had multiple hours to fix it now.

  8. I think it cancels if you stun before he actually attacks. A little like a bandit dash.

  9. It’s actually better in draft than in ladder imo. You might get lucky and go against someone with barely any counters. Still a trash card tho.

  10. Honestly does it get to a point where it stops being fun? I've been stuck at 1800 for about a week. Level 8 and I've been facing a bunch of level 10 players.

  11. Loads of people have played this game for years. Most aren’t pay to win, or buy the pass at best. If you just keep playing and focus upgrades on one deck you’ll be able to get to 5k in no time.

  12. The game might not be for me. Every game this morning has been a loss due to level difference. Sure, I could put it in the time but with the timer on the chests. It's going to take too long to level something I don't even know if good or not. I could look up meta decks, but now I'm just taking the game too seriously.

  13. Yeah it’s a pain. But currently with masteries you can have a deck maxed in ~6 months. Just play clan war and do the challenges. If you want to you can play classic challenges to try out new decks and play with same level cards. And you’ll probably be able to afford them with masteries and crown chests. That’s what I normally do when I don’t feel like playing ladder

  14. No, super witch is like the super lavahound in the other challenge. It won’t be on ladder.

  15. Golem tanking, Wizard/Bomber defensive and offensive support. Lightning for inferno tower. Mostly pushing everything with golem and wizard cleaning everything. Tornado useful for him

  16. Switch to nightwitch/ inferno/ edrag. Air cards are way harder to kill since valk, ebarbs etc do nothing.

  17. When playing bait you basically don’t want to put any cards except goblin barrel on their half. Just defend and try to out cycle their counter. Take rocket value whenever possible.

  18. Tbh, playing against mk probably over half my matches just isn’t fun. I can handle going against it even if it kinda counters my deck. But I’d much rather play against a variety of decks then just mk and giant skeleton.

  19. Eh, stick to one deck. Upgrade that as much as possible.

  20. Thats pefect, lol. Barbs was another card i wanted to use be just could find a use for. Thanks

  21. Gotta warn you, fireball bait sucks at lower levels for some reason. Maybe try it out in a few challenges and if you like it make sure you stick to it. That way you’ll have high lvl cards pretty fast and it’ll be way more fun later on when you have maxed cards

  22. Only played a couple games but being hard counter by mega nut really sucks, had to add inferno tower

  23. Yeah that’s the problem. Everyone decides it’s okay to run megaknight wizard witch fireball and whatever other spash they can get their hands on.

  24. Hmm really depends. Ian77 for example often gets top 10 end season, densitio, oyassu, yerson often finish very well. Hog may not be as consistent as gy or mortar but it’s def better than balloon, giant and ram

  25. I gotta say 2.6 is still working well for most people. 2.8 seems a bit worse since earthquake and valk nerf. But I think 2.6 is mostly good because of the cycle cards. 1 elixer skeletons and any spirit almost always get you a positive trade and help cycling. So I’d say to nerf those over hog rider.

  26. I personally find the matches in any challenge way easier on my mini account, but maybe that’s because I play them later or something?

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