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  1. You guys are laughing, but the entire world is looking at them and reading "climate activism", which was EXACTLY their goal, and they managed to do it much better than your average museum soup terrorist...

  2. Nah, check the thread. It's haircuts all the way down. Made more people check their mirror than their carbon footprint lol

  3. They had that exact same look on their faces after home boy over there saw his cut in the mirror for the first time.

  4. If your kink involves the words "in public" you are no longer protected under Kink Shaming Rules in my book. There is something wrong with you.

  5. Because the last you saw some guy get shot out of a cannon was at the circus?

  6. How about when that guy is taking apart the trampoline with a chainsaw! And the sparks are even coming from clearly somewhere else lol

  7. Predator down there taking a bath, minding his dang business when all of a sudden ...

  8. Awful. I've replaced the spring so it's probably half as bad as yours.

  9. Awesome. Anyway, I just felt obligated to tell my story. I've stopped robberies with that series. It's bad, but it's only as bad as you allow it to be. Good luck, friend.

  10. "I've seen The Exorcist about 167 times and it keeps getting funnier every time I see it!" - The Prime Video Algorithm probably

  11. These mother fuckers Russian? Given the state of the globe, this seems like something those cock suckers would do. Let's go Ukraine!

  12. Semper Fi, brother. Today was our birthday. I'm not sure what to say. Other than I love the fact that no matter how far, or how gone we as Marines are, we are never that far from home. I love your father. Truly. That's something we as Marines get to say. I love him. I love you. Happy birthday.

  13. That MF looked EXACTLY like I thought he would! Lol

  14. Could you imagine dying over a mediocre pair of tits?

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