1. That's the monster-under-your-bed-esque cryptid that fell in love with you because you're not scared of it

  2. Can someone explain the joke I'm afraid to research it

  3. I love these kinds of posts because it means I get to sit up and excitedly exclaim (to an empty room), "I get to do the thing!" and then listen to the cacophony of pops as I crack my neck and back. It makes me happy.

  4. The term "good" is subjective, but I'm not an asshole and I hope I make a good impression on most people I meet.

  5. Yea, seems about right for China. That place is real high on my “not fucking going” list. Basically the entire Middle East, a huge portion of Asia, a handful of countries in Europe and South America. I definitely want to visit Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, and I want to return to Japan because it’s such a nice place.

  6. I don't mean to be rude, but I totally am. No one asked for your bucket list.

  7. 44 and I'm going to assume B is good hot chocolate so I will choose B

  8. I thought about this while in bed earlier for the first time and came across this by chance, now I'm paranoid a spider will suddenly crawl in my ears

  9. Finally someone said it! Maybe it's just because I'm growing up and school drains me more, but it just feels like a break whenever there's a holiday. Life is rushing by so fast, Christmas is already in less than 2 weeks and it feels like school just started. It's sort of ironic how I was acting so miserable in sixth grade but now I'm definitely more depressed but have no intention to act on it. I also wear my Christmas pajamas year-round because they're comfy so it might be that.

  10. I'm interested but the Discord invite is invalid, can you make/send a new one?

  11. They have zero form at all, they are purely visual. If you reached your arm out and tried to touch them it would feel like there's nothing there. Also their jaws can unhinge and hang loosely.

  12. For me, it's the legs. They have too many. And the way they scuttle around like weird centipedes. Plus their legs curl up when they die, which looks even weirder even though our hands operate similarly.

  13. I thought you meant performing until I read the comments. I've never watched a concert, but I really want to.

  14. I'm never going to get rid of my stupid fucking stutter. I'd learn sign language, but I'm too tired to. Besides, it will get better. I'm thinking about becoming mute in the future.

  15. A real life Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria just opened, modeled exactly after the first game, complete with genuine animatronics. A group of friends who all love the FNaF series all apply for the nightguard position as a half-joke, but only one gets the job. On the first night, the unlucky teen finds out the restaurant is a bit more similar to the game than they expected...

  16. LMAOOO I log in for the first time in several months and this is the first post I see, the internet is so depressing

  17. Connect four, Guess Who, and War (played with a deck of cards, look it up).

  18. Vegas (I think) by Doja Cat. Specifically the backup vocals.

  19. Coffee is basically a drug, and works the same way. Your high will eventually lower, and it’s still unhealthy to become addicted.

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